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Merry Christmas from Greenwich Dance

No description

Lorna Hirst

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Merry Christmas from Greenwich Dance

Merry Christmas
Greenwich Dance

“Huge thanks to Greenwich Dance and all the enthusiastic dance artists that came along to be part of my residency week. I think some records might have been broken with a morning class the size of a small town!”

Theo Clinkard
“Nine years ago I was bed bound, using a wheelchair, needing carers and meals on wheels - what a journey! The feelings I experienced of gratitude and disbelief as I moved across the floor with my partner moved me to tears.”

Crossroads performer
"Greenwich Dance is part of our local community - a place for every member of the family to come and join in at some point, whether as children, or on a date or when we turn 40!"

Audience member
“Since 1993 this dynamic organisation has been pivotal in driving our enthusiasm for dance, commissioning exciting work and instigating partnerships across south east London.”

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson

“A fantastic space where artists can create, teach and do whatever they need to grow... free from the oncoming traffic of pressure and expectation.”

Akram Khan

“I had resigned myself to dancing in my next lifetime but you gave me the opportunity to dance at age 63…I am eternally grateful. An indescribable honour.”

Common Dance performer

"A really exciting, fun, inclusive, supportive, dynamic organisation. I hope to have more contact with you in the future...Happy Birthday!"

20th Birthday Cabaret audience member
“I would just like to add how honoured we feel as a school to be included in such an amazing opportunity. Many of the children come from deprived backgrounds and outside of school activities, engage in very little past-times. This experience will stay with them forever. They will grow as individuals and gain an immense amount of confidence. I am also hopeful that friendships will develop as they embark on this journey together. Thank you.”

Louisa Baines, Foxfield Primary School on Making Waves

“It is a wonderful feeling to share a space which is dedicated to dance, and full of all kinds of dancers; who knows, some of this magic may rub off on us. . .”

Dancing to the Music of Time participant

“I’m late but would it be okay if I bring my
rabbit into class? I’ve done it before.”

Dance artist
We are about to embark on an exciting new chapter at Greenwich Dance, with lots in store for the spring season.

Just before we do, we thought we'd round off our spectacular year of 20th anniversary celebrations with a few of our favourite quotes from the archives...

Click on the right hand arrow below to explore our festive tree.

See you in 2014!
With huge thanks to all the artists, audiences, board members, designers, directors, friends, funders, managers, participants, partners, photographers, staff, supporters, technicians, and videographers who have helped to create the Greenwich Dance story over two exciting decades.

Here's to the next 20 years!
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