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Reading Counts Kick Off!

No description

Connie Joyce

on 14 September 2017

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Transcript of Reading Counts Kick Off!

Reading Counts Kick Off!
Mrs. Joyce & Mrs. Schneider
Let's Read!
Using Reading Counts

Similar to Accelerator Reader

20 question quiz

ENJOY your reading! Find what you want to read.
The Challenge
How Do I Prepare to Succeed?
Always review:
Who are the main and minor characters?
What is the setting?
What is the conflict?
What is the plot?
Making a quiz yourself helps a lot
At your reading level
Never read before (we have old scores)
Not a book your class will be reading
How Do I Test?
Visit the library web site. Click on the Reading Counts link and look at the calendar for availability.

Goal: Read at least a ____ page book.

Last day to quiz: __________________


So What Can I Read?
We have over 6,400 titles!
More put into the system every week.
Look for the PURPLE call number.
Bring your ID card and book.
Please have friends wait outside.
But WAIT! There's MORE!
For every quiz you test 16 out of 20 or higher, you will be entered into a drawing for prizes!
Gift Card
AMC Gift Card
School Supplies
Candy & More!
Books with pictures, novels in verse, or big print are acceptable. How many pages the book is worth is located in the front of the book.
1. What is the last day to take a quiz?
2. How do you know when you can take a quiz?
3. What two things do you need to bring to take a quiz?
4. What score do you need to receive a ticket?
Bring book to 2nd period!
Some "Don'ts":
don't wait to begin reading
don't skip reviewing
Don't have ID? We'll hold for a day!
Pizza Parties!
Lastly . . .
Do I have to check out the book from here?
What if another teacher of mine is requiring outside reading?
Watch out for books made into movies!
NO point system! :) Just pages read.
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