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Internal Communications:

No description

Karen Heath

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Internal Communications:

Berrien RESA Communications Office
Our little "firm"

RESA's Story
The Great RESA Rebirth
Creating A New Culture
New Employees and The Energy Bus
Tools of the Trade
Work smarter, not harder
Staff Culture Conveys Company Brand
Measuring Your ROI
Proving your worth all of the time
District will be critiqued on employees' satisfaction level as well as the products they produce.
Culture must be cared for on a continual basis = requires constant coaching in regard to effective communication
With Good Systems in Place, There Are No More Excuses!
Always be in the know!
No excuse for not knowing what is going on if you have an atmosphere of teamwork and a good internal communication system in place.

Adds a lot of extra pressure on you.
-How do you cope?
Success Is Also A Perception
Your attitude paints a picture of your district
Always in the public eye
Things go wrong. Mistakes happen. Others watch how you handle stress.

School Communicators are the ambassadors to our schools.
Handle the tough stuff with integrity and class.
Admit mistakes; learn from them, but do so professionally.
Internal Communications:
Getting it Right

The Root of the Matter
Presented by Karen Heath
Berrien RESA

2010/11-A new purpose with group ownership

2012/13-Launch a new strategic plan

2014/15-In year 2 of new plan. We now have data.
Mission training and the Strategic Plan
The Energy Bus
-Common culture, common language
-The right to call someone out (Energy Vampire)
-Ticket to ride = contract that you accept the mission of the organization
-Are you on the bus?

First impressions mean more than you think!
Meet with everyone, no matter their title

Has this ever happened to you?
You: "Is it really my job to teach everyone how to communicate?

Create a system for all that you do. Once understood, it becomes a guide for doing business.
Style guide
Communication Services Request Form
The approval pipeline
Budgetary ties
Google and it's many, many functions
Google +
Technology-be the guru
Issuu and the Berrien RESA Compass
Mail Chimp
Survey Monkey
Website-public/staff page
Tweet Deck
Electronic organization-filing
Have a seat at the "big" table
How we conduct meetings: Lead by Convening-and listen that way too!
Internal PR firm
High quality, high expectations
Pricing structures apply for local districts and for non-profit agencies (based on market research)
Accountability-on all fronts
Respect deadlines (inflate them internally)
No matter the situation, students come first.
"Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody."
Who is on your personal cabinet?
What resources do you have in-house?
Use MSPRA's listserv/membership team!

The Beatles
"I'm so tired, I haven't slept a wink."
Again, it's The Beatles
Being the "expert" can be a double-edged sword.
Burnout happens. How do you take care of yourself?
Do you have an outlet?
Do you have a friend/colleague who "keeps you in check?
Do you have realistic goals?

Evaluate your systems
Learn from your mistakes
Build trust
Making yourself valuable-prove your worth
Be a role model-live your mission
Ask for help if you need it

Internal communication is about systems that work, relationships and respect.
Qudos cards
Builds positive culture
Shares the news
Tells you what is going on in the organization
The sneak attack
Monday morning quarterback
Betrayed by another
The uninvited guest to the party
The great creator
Expendable department
The Scapegoat
What do you think?
Saying Thank You Goes A Long Way
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