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Nike Green Together Conference 2012

No description

Na Tan

on 23 January 2012

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Transcript of Nike Green Together Conference 2012

5 Lectures
8 Different kind of workshops
2 Panel Discussions
4 Questions and Answers sessions


Nike Green-Together Conference 2012 Table of Contents Marketing & Promotion Program Timeline Finance  Mission & Objective
 Program
 Marketing & Promotion
 Timeline and Logistics
 Finance

Mission &Objective Location Costs $82,000
Project leader
Finance manager Primary activities $20,000
Keynote speakers
Workshops Secondary activities $25,200 F&B Full Day Package
Entertainment Design & Support $1,800 Management
Employees Andreas Heidler Additional costs $47,400 VIP Flights
VIP accommodation
Insurance Supporting Facilities $21,000 VIP Security
Gifts Promotion $15,470 Invitations
Traditional media
New media
Social media Companies go green
Be more resourceful 4 themes Unforeseen & Commissions $44,974 Unforeseen costs (10%)
Event Fee (10%) Scientific Committee $28,362.84 $286,207 => $73,000 Conference Content Program Total costs Keynote Speakers W. McDonough
Mark Parker
Sarah Severn
Roger Federer NPA Professional Events Consultans Paulien Petter Organisation manager

Na Tan Marketing and Communication Manager NPA
Your event, our business! Green Sustainable Professional Total costs $286,207 Contribution sponsors $73,000 TOTAL COSTS NIKE $213,207
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