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Public Speaking

English 11/12

Amanda Marshall

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Public Speaking

What kind of speaker are you? Feed the audience Ways to practice... Packet... Types of Presentations Conclusion Organize it! State the main point. Orient the audience to what you are going to tell them. Public Speaking In front of the mirror... Voice, Body Language, Preparation, Presentation: Informative


Narrative English 11/12 What makes a good speech? Everyone STAND UP! Give your...
*whole name
*the school you attend
*describe what speaking with confidence means to you CONFIDENCE Listen while others are speaking. Smile a lot. Visualize the confidence
you want to have. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses. Journal Where did you hear that speech? Think of a good speech What was the speech about and what made it great? A good speech includes an introduction, body, conclusion, and usually requires a lot of practice. Organize the body first. Next, organize your introduction. Establish a main point and purpose.

Be clear and believable.

Consider the amount of time you have to relay your message. It's all about the audience. Provide some background information. Assure them you are knowledgeable about the topic. Get the audience's attention and interest. Be relevant. Wrap up and summarize what you just told them. Restate the main points of purpose. Tie any loose ends up. Goal reached! Bring the audience back. Reiterate. Finally... PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Each time you give a speech it gets easier and you gain more confidence. And....have fun!!! In front of your family and friends... In your head before you go to bed... While riding in a car... In the shower... At the dinner table... When you get up or before you go to bed... While doing chores... This is how to improve your nervousness... The key is not to eliminate the butterflies... Controlling nervousness... Nervousness is normal and can enhance a speaker's ability. ...but get them to fly in formation. Select a topic that you are interested in and want to learn about. Prepare your speech at least one week ahead of time. Practice several times a day. Take on a positive attitude and look forward to the presentation. Imagine yourself... Visualize the audience and their positive reaction to your speech. Try some exercises right before the speech. Slow deep breaths. Practice positive self talk. While giving your speech: Calm yourself... Hold your fists for five seconds and release. Tell yourself... "You are the best!" "Your speech is a winner!" Smile to yourself. Pretend you are talking to only one person. PowerPoint GENERAL GUIDELINES Voice... Enunciation:

Be sure to speak clearly and look up the pronunciation of unfamiliar words. Tone:

Your tone should reflect your material (e.g. happy, sad, funny, serious). Projection:

Be sure the person at the back can hear you as well as the person in the front now. Volume:

Vary your volume for emphasis. Pace:
Be sure your pace is neither too slow now too fast. Anticipate audience response (e.g. laughter, applause, apprehension). Word Choice:
Avoid using "filler" words such as like, umm, you know, you guys, and uh. Avoid using slang or off-color expressions. Pitch:
Vary your pitch with attention to stressing important words or phrases. Enthusiasm and Personality:
Let your knowledge and enjoyment of the topic shine through. Body Language: Eye Contact Posture and Movement Mannerisms Dress Preparation: Organization Introduction Conclusion Body Content Practice Presentation: Get your blood pumping!

Arrive early

Check setup

Final run through Design Wording General Hints
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