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Campus France

A short introduction to Higher Studies in France for Indian students

Gauthier K

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Campus France

1st foreign language: 1.5 million of students
10,000 teachers
50 University departments
What is Campus France?
The national agency for the promotion of French higher education abroad
Service of the Embassy of France in India
Helps you choose your program, look for financial assistance and prepare your stay
Campus France Kolkata
Mr. Amitava Das = your counselor
Works closely with the Consulate of France
Special knowledge of universities, institutes & schools in France & India
Pre-departure session
Every year in July
All the students going to France are invited
Senior officials from the Consulates, Alliance française and Campus France will provide you with practical informations (visa, banking, housing, flight, life in France, etc.)
Admission Tour
Renowned French institutions coming in India
One-to-one interaction with Indian students interested in pursuing Higher Education in France
Inter-disciplinary courses taught both in English and French as medium of instruction
Who should register with Campus France?
A full time progam (Licence, Master)
An Erasmus-Mundus program
An exchange program
A French language teaching program
A short-term internship as part of a Licence or Master program
Campus France
Those wanting to go to France for:
Country of Culture
Festival "Bonjour India" in 2013 in every major city of India
Organized by the Embassy of France
Bonjour India 2013
Fun Facts
There is a Victor Hugo street in every town in France.
France has won the most Nobel Prizes for Literature than any other country in the world, and the second most in mathematics.
France produces over 400 types of cheese!
French was the official language of England for over 300 years (from 1066 to the beginning of the 15th century).
Being a student in France
No discrimination between French and foreign Nationals
Student social security cover included in University fees
Reduced prices for public transports, university restaurant, cinema, etc.
Possibility of employment
Higher Education
81 public universities
1,5 million students
Engineering & Management: 2,50,000 admissions every year through Grandes Écoles
MBA: the most popular program in France
1 or 2 years
HEC Paris, ESSEC, INSEAD, etc.
INSEAD is ranked 6th in Global MBA Financial Times Ranking 2012
Masters of International Business
HEC Paris, IÉSEG, ESG, SKEMA, etc.
17 French Institutes in top 65 Schools by Financial Times
Science & Technology
Grenoble Institute of Technology, Pierre & Marie Curie University
ParisTech, Telecom ParisTech
École Polytechnique
Why France
As of 2010, France is the world's 5th and Europe's 2nd largest national economy by nominal GDP.
Indian diaspora in France : 3-4 lakhs people
Approximately 80 million people visit France every year
France has the 2nd largest vineyard area and is the 3rd largest producer of cheese
39 of the 500 biggest companies in the world
Higher Education in France
1/5 of French national budget goes into Education including Higher Education
Public universities are very cheap
Top universities in Science, Technology & Management
More than 2500 Indian students going to France every year
Rs. 7 crore
as scholarships for Indian students
Many possibilities of scholarships
Charpak Excellence Scholarship
Internship Program, Exchange Program, Master’s Program.
615€/month up to 10 months
Medical insurance coverage
Free student visa
Based on the student dossier
No test
Decision by jury members
Knowing French language is not mandatory but advantageous.
Eiffel Excellence Scholarship
Offered by French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
1 181€/month
Master’s Level Courses
Areas of study covered: Engineering Science, Economics & Management, Law & Political Sciences.
Number of awards : 20 for Indian students.

Ile-de-France Scholarship
Offered by Region Ile-de-France (Parisian and neighboring region)
10 100€
From 9 to 22 months of study
For students going to Parisian region in France
Areas: open to all fields of study
Number of awards: 20 for Indian students
Selection is done by the Jury set up by the Region.
No test or interview
Based on the file submitted
Corporate Scholarships
Michelin Scholarship
For Mechanical, Chemical, Production Engineering
International travel expenses (India-Paris-India) for 1000 Euros
615 € per month for a period of 24 months.
Internship after the 1st year of Master’s outside the company
Social security and medical insurance cover.
2 months intensive French language courses at Alliance Française de Chennai
Corporate scholarships
French government scholarships
Regional scholarships
Erasmus Mundus scholarships
Institutional scholarships
What is N+i Network?
Network of 70 prestigious «Postgraduate» French engineering institutes.
Mainly for Engineering and Technology
The schools of the Network are based in 40 French cities including Paris
Am I eligible?
To be admitted to a Master’s program in France, students are required to prove they hold a first degree, Bachelor’s, Licence or equivalent.
The student’s qualification must be acknowledged as the equivalent of 180 ECTS credits.
N+i Network
Get your visa easily!
France: 1 Embassy and 4 Consulates in India
6 VFS centers
Visit of Mr. F.Hollande in February 2013
Student visa details
Short stay (less than 90 days): 60€ to be paid in Indian Rs to VFS.
Long stay: 50€ to be paid in Indian Rs to VFS + Rs.8,500 to Campus France.
Visa application to be lodged as early as possible but not more than 3 months before departure.
Visit of
French President
VFS Global
Takes care of every visa application on behalf of the Consulate of France
One center in Kolkata
Courier application is possible
Special care for student visa applications
Facilitating visa procedures
Embassy & Consulates
2nd world-largest diplomatic network
Average tuition fee
20 lac
12 lac
7 lac
French in India
Learning French in India
Alliance française
Official Institute of French
Quality courses
Official exams : DELF-DALF
Cultural events
Official diploma in French language managed by the French Ministry for Education
Recognized worldwide
Possibility to take the exam in one of the 14 Alliances françaises
6 levels from A to C
"Parlons français, c'est facile" : parlons-francais.tv5monde.com
"La Salle des Profs" : india.salledesprofs.org
110 million native speakers
190 million second language speakers
Official language in 29 countries
French belongs to Indo-European languages family
Official language of all UN agencies
French departments in Universities and Institutes
700-plus academic courses taught in English
Most of the students choose these courses
French not compulsory
Visa advantages
Indian citizens who completed a Master or PhD degree from a French University can obtain a 5 years, short term, mutiple entry, Schengen tourist ou business, visa if they intend to travel to France.
India-France Technology Summit
New Delhi, 23-24 October 2013: to promote commercial and technological trades
Allow companies to show and share latest technological innovations
450 MOUS
About 25OO students every year
Target: 5000 students within 5 years
Rs. 7 crore
as scholarships for Indian students
Management & Technology
Pre-departure session Delhi 2013
Academic Cooperation
Learning French in India
February 2013
Meeting with PM Mr. Singh
Main target: to increase the number of Indian students going to France
Visa procedures facilitated
Average tuition fee
16 lac
9 lac
7,5 lac
My mission at the
Consulate General of France
Helping the students
Promoting French language
Training teachers of French
Promoting partnerships between universities
Organizing French-culture and French-language related events
Who I am
"Attaché de coopération pour le français"
Member of the "Culture & language" team from the Embassy of France in Delhi = "Institut français"
Former teacher of French in France and in Delhi
"Blaise-Pascal" University : Masters in French language, teaching and ITs applied to French teaching

Gauthier Krin

Merci ! Thank you !
Mrs. Golda Malhotra
Education Adviser
18 Business and Management schools including :
ESC Toulouse, Skema Business, ESCP, ESSEC Business School, EDHEC Business, INSEEC, IESEG School of Management
École des Mines de Nantes
Groupe ISA Lille
INP Grenoble
INP Toulouse
Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research
Neurosciences and Engineering Sciences
Funding of research projects
Contact: A. Sathidevi sathidevi@cefipra.org
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