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Amber Champ

on 11 April 2018

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Transcript of MIS

Lsic Presentation - April 17
Moorefield Intermediate
Motivating Independent Student Leaders

Our vision is to strive to INSPIRE ethically responsible problem solvesrs, who will become productive members of our community.

Our motto is "Do what is right, even when no one is looking!"
MIS Needs
English Language Learners
Strategic Plan Goals

*Student achievement
*Learning Teams
*Mental Health
*Consistent Discipline
iReady Growth

Reading - increase of 12% on or above grade level

Math - increase of 18% on or above grade level
Parent Involvement
Mental Health Initiatives
Discipline Data
*Ms. Walters provides services to
*Lunch bunch
*She pulls students out and co-teaches.
*ELL Parent night
*iPads with translation software to
communicate with students
Future Goals of the LSIC/Leadership Team
* Teacher/parent friendly behavior referral
* increase Parent involvement/community activities
* student motivation
* Math Night
* Holiday luncheons
* Foodlion Math Night
* Math Night/Spahetti Dinner
* Book Fair Family Night
* Champ Chatter
*Individual classroom activities
*Weekly newsletters
*Mr. Lyon is at MIS 2 days a week.
* 214 referrals
*62 bus
*Only 8 students who are repeat offenders
*6 repeat offenders receive EAHawse services
Thank you.

Any questions?
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