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FE Partnerships that Impact Studen Achievement

No description

Stacey Ellsworth

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of FE Partnerships that Impact Studen Achievement

Reciprocal FE Partnerships that
Impact Student Achievement

Presented by:
Magda L Rodriguez

August 25th, 2015

FUSE Family Engagement Series: Session 2
Session 1 Review
What are Reciprocal Partnerships
Why it is important to develop Reciprocal Partnerships
How to link FE to student achievement
Q & A

Welcoming Environment
Goals for the Workshop
Understand the meaning of Reciprocal FE Partnerships
Discuss strategies on how to link FE practices to student achievement
Reciprocal Partnership
Respectful, trustful and meaningful relationships
between schools and families that involve close cooperation to support
student achievement
. Together, they
share responsibility
for a child’s learning and growth.

Welcoming Environment
Respectful and Trustful Relationships
Meaningful Partnerships

Both parents and teachers are necessary for a child to succeed. Neither the teacher alone nor the parents alone have all the resources. Together they share responsibility for a child’s learning and growth.

Linking FE to Student Achievement
Bridge the gap between culture and power
Help parents understand how the school and district operates
Provide parents with clear expectations for student learning and behavior
Help families to support student learning
Offer families opportunities to ask questions and identify issues and concerns
Ensure that families have a voice in all decisions that affect children
Conduct workshops on study skills, individual curriculum areas, standardized testing and college and career planning
Share what is happening in the classroom
Share student's progress
Linking FE to Student Learning

1. Every child deserves an excellent education.

2. All parents care about and want the best for their children.

3. Every family can make a positive contribution to a child’s education.

4. Parents are doing their best with the resources they have.

Welcoming Environment
People's beliefs, values, attitudes
People's bias, assumptions and generalizations
Five Beliefs about Families
Link to Student Achievement
Empowering Parents to be Active Participants in Education
Families Supporting Student Learning
Families First Parenting Workshops
Families Supporting Student Learning
Selected References
Beyond the Bake Sale. Anne T. Henderson, Karen L. Mapp, and Don Davies,
PTA National Standards fro Family-School Partnerships
Massachusetts Family, School and Community Partnership Fundamentals
Massachusetts Model System for Educator Evaluation
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