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Damon Fizzy: Inspirational YouTuber

No description

Sera Gorucu

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Damon Fizzy: Inspirational YouTuber

deefizzy (some people love drama, he just loves food) About Damon DeeFizzy has been on YouTube since he was in his mid-teens. He's about twenty now, even though many people believe him to be 14. He looks very young for his age, and a lot of people get confused because he has a very sarcastic nature about everything. Ask him his age and he'll tell you he's 12. He also has a very unique and interesting sense of humor, as you can tell by the text to the left. He's also been compared to Justin Bieber a lot, but he hates it, and often pretends to be obsessed with him, as you can see also in the text to the left. He began YouTube because he enjoys making videos, being silly, and helping people. Making the videos also helps himself out. He says it all the time that making them helps make him feel better. He has some struggles with depression and anxiety, and YouTube is one thing that helps him. However, his anxiety often times stops him from making and/or publishing videos, because he ends up over thinking things and getting paranoid about what people may think of him. He's working hard to get passed that, though. He's definitely trying, as you can see in one of the blog posts he made. (shown later in presentation)

He's not really interested in getting involved with businesses and whatnot.

P.S. Pasta is sort of an insider amongst the FizzyFamily. It's not a joke, exactly. Damon just loves pasta, and everyone knows it. General Damon is a very caring person, especially when it comes to his viewers. He often talks about topics such as insecurities, and overcoming them. He talks about his own, and encourages others to look past theirs. He also has a cute dog named Lucas. DeeFizzy's Quotes (comedic) ~A lot of the humor is in his personality and the context of the situation. ~ "SMILE JESUS LOVES YOU!" (screaming at car in back of him in a drive through) "Mom, why are these people walking so slow? Just run them over!" (car ride video with his mom driving) "Go back to Spanish class and learn your math dude." "So we're walking in this place and we're like 'Yaah dude were cool, we're getting our club status on yaah yaah,' and then these ladies come up to me and I'm like oh cool, ladies are coming up to me: CHICK MAGNET! No not at all, you know what they said? "JUSTIN BIEBER, JB!, JUSTIN BIEBER! I didn't know you were going to be here tonight!" "You don't know me! Don't disturb me when I'm eating my pretzel with cheese!" "I read it on about.. dot.. google.. dot yahoo dot...net" DAMON: So I was having sex with this llama...
MAMA FIZZY: DAMON!! Momma Fizzy : What is that!? Damon!
Damon : My gangsta music. Damon : But why is it your car ?
Momma Fizzy : 'Cause it is my car!
Damon: Yeah I know but why is it your car ? "If you drink too much apple juice your stomach gets upset and you don't deserve to be upset, you deserve to be happy." DeeFizzy Quotes (motivational/serious talk) "You really don't know someone's story. They could look like the happiest person ever, and they could be wanting to kill themselves everyday." "Ever looked in the mirror and thought you were ugly? Stop it. You're beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you different, or I'll punch them in the left ear lobe." "We all have bumps in the road, but it's up to you on how you handle them. You can sit back, complain, and just make things worse, or you can see the positives and make the best out of it. In the end, it's up to you." "You shouldn't let other people's opinions affect what you do in life." "Days go by fast so never spend them miserably, and instead, make the best out of it." "Stop being so concerned with what society thinks!" "YOU'RE FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!"
"You're beautiful and fuck what everyone else says." "Flaws don't define you." "Just calm down and like, eat some fruit." "Don't leave this world." "Stay positive. We'll get through this together." Damon Fizzy's Struggles Damon has lived life with troubles such as depression and anxiety. He had trouble making friends in school, thus he turned to the internet. His closest friends are those he met via internet, such as fellow YouTubers. He also says that he feels that his viewers know him more than anyone else. He's not great at expressing his feelings to people, and has drifted away from everyone in his town. However, he tries his best to go out and live life, because he let his anxiety get in the way too much as a teenager. He missed out on a lot of fun opportunities, and he's using that as a learning experience. He's also moving to California (originally lived in Florida) in order to be closer to friends. A large amount of his internet friends live there. DeeFizzy's Family He has his Momma Fizzy, who shows up in his videos from time to time. He has a stepfather, and a brother who got married to a girl named Donna about a year ago. He also has a younger brother named Devin, another brother named Kyle, and a younger sister named Shelby. He also has his FizzyFamily (his viewers/friends). Overcoming DeeFizzy Never Sleeps! He tends to stay up all night! Ironically, it makes him more hyper. This video is from 2010. The trend has continued over the years. There have been other videos like this too. DeeFizzy Dates Taylor Swift She tries to keep it on the downlow, though. Damon has been a fan of Taylor Swift for years. She is probably his favorite solo artist, and it's not hard to tell by watching some of his videos. He is a loyal fan, which you can especially tell when he defends her from the harsh things people tend to say about her. She wrote December about him; "December" is actually her nickname for him. They have a very on-and-off relationship. DeeFizzy and Sleeping With Sirens Sleeping With Sirens is DeeFizzy's favorite band. He listens to them all the time, and has talked about them on his blog and a little bit on YouTube. He recently got to meet the band, as you can see in this picture with Kellin Quinn (lead singer of SWS). He also participated in an interview that Bryan Stars conducted with the band. Damon believes that in order to overcome your struggles, you need to take action, take control. You can't just sit around and wait for things to get better. He tries to live by that way of thinking, and tries his best to go out into the world and live. He is moving to California to be with friends, and he is doing more and more FizzyFamily meet-ups. He's making more videos, and he's doing better than he was a little while ago. He made this post back in March. He was back sooner than we thought he'd be, but it's a reflection of his determination and it shows his love for the FizzyFamily. He vlogs. He inspires. He's goofy. He's insecure. He's realatable. He adds "-skies" to a lot of words. He has a whole family of people who love him, many who draw him. He's Damon; DeeFizzy. And he's pretty majestic. They actually did meet, even though this picture here is photoshopped. Inspiration To myself, and to a myriad of others. Damon Fizzy is an inspiration because he spreads positivity amongst everyone. Just experiencing his personality through YouTube can make a person smile. That's especially useful when you're having a bad day. Not only is he energetic and whatnot, he motivates. He spreads ideas that cheer people up. He advises, and he leads by example. Observing the fact that Damon's pushing through inspires many to push through their own problems. He's a great person, and definitely an inspiration to myself and society. His name is DeeFizzy, DeeFizzy, such a funny guy! His videos will help ya get by so make sure to subscribe!
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