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Your script

No description

Patrick Johnson

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Your script

Time to write, write, write
Practice exercise
Reverse engineer the script for the page for Jeff Lemire's
Essex County
page 20.
Prose vs.
Full Script
Some writers prefer to write a short story and let the artist translate the ideas into images.
The Marvel Method went even further, where the writer provided a story summary, the artist created the panels/pacing, and the writer filled in the dialogue last.
Most artists prefer a full script, which reflects the writer's most complete vision for what they want on the page.

Work shopping pitches!
Don't have a pitch ready? Discuss your logline/concept or work on your character.
Essential expressions
Get to know your character sheet
Share your script
As creator:
Find your matching symbol
Email your partner your script for (at least) 5 pages by Friday (11:59pm on June 5th)
CC me (johpatri@gvsu.edu)

As responder:

Fill out the peer review sheet for Monday
We will discuss feedback in class
Writing a full script
Paint your mental picture with words
Consider framing, background, lighting, tone, etc.
Aim for one idea per panel
Leave room for visual storytelling
When in doubt, just say WIRMI - What I really mean is...

Idea to Script
Lyrics to image
Lyrics to image
Lyrics to image
Lyrics to image
Lettered and Colored
Include character descriptions, emotions/facial expressions, setting, dialogue, sound effects, and any other notes that would allow an artist to recreate Lemire's page 20.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this is where we spend a few hundred words honing your ideas before drawing/crafting your comic.
Full script
Thumbanil layout
Partner up, read the pitch, make notes, discuss, repeat (if time)
Hand out script worksheet
Two classes left!
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