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Divergent - Tris's Character Changes

No description


on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Divergent - Tris's Character Changes

By Rebecca Wild Character Change in Divergent -
Tris Beatrice Prior in the beginning As she becomes Dauntless Traditional Unsure Brave At the Aptitude Tests At the Choosing Ceremony Lonely Joining the Dauntless POWERFUL Selfless In the beginning of Divergent, because Beatrice belongs to and keep to the faction traditions. Although she enjoys living this way, it sometimes bores and annoys her. I used a white robe to represent Beatrice's character because her faction must only wear plain, white clothes to rid themselves of any vanity. This plainness also is part of Beatrice. Abnegation, she must be obedient, generous, proper, Nervous When Beatrice takes her aptitude test to see which faction she'll move
to, she receives the result that she is Divergent, or has the traits of many
factions and can pick any faction she chooses. She begins to feel unsure
of who she'll be and feels unbalanced and indecisive. Instinctive When Beatrice goes to the Choosing Ceremony, where she will
choose the faction she will move to by dripping her blood into
the object representing each faction, she feels nervous.
Without thinking, she drips her blood into the Dauntless container,
which is full of hot coals, and proves herself to be brave and instictive,
both of which are qualities of the Dauntless. Unconfident When Beatrice (who renames herself Tris)
enters the Dauntless training, immediately
she longs for her family. She gets a tattoo of three
birds, representative of her mother, father, and brother,
flying away from her heart. Tris soon doubts if
she chose the right path and feels unsure that
she is good enough for the Dauntless initiation tests,
which involve fighting and facing your fears. strong Tris continues to persevere, fueled by the love of her
family and faction. She quickly moves to the top of the
ranks, and impresses everyone who criticized her weakness.
With the help of her friends, Christina, Will, and Four, she
moves on and proves her true self. During the war Tied to family generous Tris and her friends hear of a war that is being planned
against Abnegation. Although she is not affected by the mind
control used against her, she must act as if she is being controlled, then leave in secret to find the family that she is still tied to. In the end, her family
is proud of her for being both courageous and selfless, and they can safely escape with their lives. Theme I think that the theme of this book is to be yourself. In a world where everyone was just part of a group, Tris stood out and gained power from knowing that she could be herself. She often struggled with knowing if she'd chosen the right path, but when she followed her own she succeeded.
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