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Your ANU Class Timetable

No description

ANU Student Central

on 11 July 2014

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Transcript of Your ANU Class Timetable

The ANU Class

At the Australian National University students have the opportunity to self-select courses that best suit them and their chosen Majors/Minors/Specialisations within their Program.

Provided you are choosing courses in order, with foundation courses before later year courses, and you are choosing courses that are available within your Program, your course choices are entirely your own.
An example of a Program at the ANU is:
A Bachelor of Arts, or
A Master of Financial Management

An example of a Major, Minor or Specialisation is:
English Literature, or

At the ANU first, second and later year courses are easily identifiable by their code structure:
First year courses are designated with a 1000-level code: E.g. LAWS1001
Second year courses are designated with 2000-level code: E.g. LAWS2001
Later year courses are 3000-level and upwards.
The ANU Timetable Website can help you both before you have chosen courses and after you have chosen/enrolled in courses. You can:

Make course decisions, by testing whether course times are clashing or on appropriate days/times for you to manage.
Organise yourself once you have enrolled in your chosen courses.

To begin, go to


The Timetabling Website will then load:

On the Timetables website, there are several different types of Timetables you can view to locate your courses.
The first are the Internal Timetables.

These are Timetables created by Schools, Colleges and Programs that are structured very differently to the majority of other courses.

For example, the School of Art and School of Music have their own Internal Timetables.

Make sure you check that your courses aren't in the listed areas before you proceed.

You can see the list of Internal Timetables to the right of the Timetabling Website screen:
If your courses aren't in the Internal Timetables, they will most likely be listed in the ANU Class Timetable, on the left of the Timetabling website.
And, how to make a timetable with the
ANU Class Timetable Builder

The Class Timetable and the Internal Timetables will list all available courses in their individual areas or programs in a table format.

These timetables are intended to assist you to construct your own schedule manually using a document editing program.

The following instructions are for the ANU Class Timetable Builder only.

Step 1: Select the 2014 Class Timetable Builder.
You will be re-directed to the ANU Class Timetable Builder webpage.
Step 2: Select the courses you want to add to your timetable from the list on the right.

You may add multiple courses by holding the CTRL key (on Windows machines) or the Apple key (on Macintosh machines).
Step 3: Generate your timetable!
Select 'Generate Timetable'. This will load your courses into a table, showing all the lecture time that this course offers.

*Please note, in some cases only lectures and not tutorials are included in the ANU Class Timetable or ANU Class Timetable Builder. In these cases your tutorials are likely to be announced in your first lecture.
Step 4: Success!
Your successful timetable will now appear. The courses will be listed, showing their lecture times and locations.
Some courses in your timetable may have multiple classes listed. In some cases you may only be required to attend one or two of these classes each week. In your timetable you can 'untick' these classes. By deselecting them you can remove them from your timetable.

Once you are satisfied, select 'Re-build with selections' to update your timetable. Only the selected classes will now appear.

If you are unsure which classes you need to attend and which classes are optional, go to the first class listed in each course and check with the lecturer.

The lecturer will tell you which classes you must go to, and which classes aren't required.
If some of your courses have clashing class times, check with your lecturer if you need to attend those classes first. If there is the option to sit the clashing classes online, or if they are only repeated lectures to accommodate a large class size, this may not cause you any problems.
If both classes are essential, however, you will need to make a decision about which course you would rather do more, and change your enrolment by choosing a different course for that semester.
If you do need to change your enrolment but are not certain which course to take instead, please consult with your Academic College Administration or check your Program Outline in Programs and Courses.
If you're happy with your finished timetable, make sure you print or record the information to use in future.

You are now ready to go to your first classes and begin studying!

Congratulations, and enjoy your studies!
For help with the ANU Timetable Builder, contact Student Central today:

135 ANU(268)
If your chosen courses do not appear in either the ANU Class Timetable, the ANU Class Timetable Builder or the listed Internal Timetables, then you will need to contact your ANU Academic College directly for information.
You can also use the ANU Class Timetable Builder to construct a view-only copy of your weekly class schedule.

This is particularly useful
when checking for class clashes, and for organising your time more efficiently.

The ANU Class Timetable will allow you to search for the details of individual courses by area, course code or description.

The ANU Class Timetable provides detailed information about the course’s classes and activities, their location, times, and in which weeks the activities are run. Use this information to organise yourself, and record the class times in your personal schedule.
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