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san salvador, san salvador

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Scarlet Reyes

on 20 December 2017

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Transcript of san salvador, san salvador

the capital city of my country. it has the recognition of being the oldest capital in central America, it also has a lot of places to visit it self; for example its cultural center, quezaltepeque volcano, and its live zone with high class hotels and restaurants.
"puerto de La Libertad"
the port of the Liberty, is a must if your visiting El Salvador for tourism,for its rich culture and history since its founding in the times of the spanish colonies in the region. you can always enjoy a good meal, drinks and entertainment all year round in its beautiful beaches
"La Ruta de las Flores"
this is a touristic circuit that conects between 5 amazing towns.
Nahuizalco, Salcoatitán, Juayúa, Apaneca and Ataco make this amazing route and unforgettable experience, because in each one of them you can explore the cultural essence of El Salvador, history and the warmth of my people
National park "El Imposible"
going the nature side of tourism we have this beautiful wildlife sanctuary. it has at least 1000 species of flora, 282 types of birds and 183 mammals

Located in the Cordillera de Apaneca-Ilamatepec, it corresponds to one of the most attractive tourist places in El Salvador for nature lovers.
"Lago de Coatepeque"

It is located between the municipalities of Santa Ana, El congo and Izalco. It is one of the preferred tourist destinations. It is located 53 kilometers from San Salvador. On the lake you can take boat trips, diving, water skiing and other activities.
San Salvador, El Salvador

It is located in the municipality of Chalchuapa, in the department of Santa Ana. It is located 80 kilometers from San Salvador. Among the vestiges were tombs, pyramids, water drainages and temples. The place was populated by a Mayan settlement that inhabited it during the years 100 and 1200 AD
"Museo de la Palabra y La Imagen"

this museum is responsible for disseminating the historical and cultural heritage of El Salvador. In it you will be able to know important moments of Salvadoran history, through photographs, documents, exhibitions, audios and publications of relevant characters.
"Volcán de Izalco"

It is the youngest volcano in El Salvador. It originated in 1970. It is known as the Pacific Lighthouse as it passed in constant eruption and its flames were seen from the Pacific Ocean. It is a perfect place to take walks and have contact with nature.
"Teatro Nacional"

In the historic center of the city, there is the National Theater, whose main attraction is its Great Hall, which serves as the stage for the most important plays in El Salvador and Central America.

The National Theater is the historical scenario of Salvadoran art and has been remodeled to have an updated design that responds to the demands of the new times.

I will finish this tour with one of the libraries that El Salvador has to offer, it is the library of the Central American University Dr. Jose Simeon Cañas, the library "P. Florentino Idoate, S.J." it has one of the bigest collection of books in the coutry and it has been open to the public since 1966.
library "P. Florentino Idoate, S.J."
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