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The Ballad of John and Yoko (My Alternate Personality)


John Carnahan

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of The Ballad of John and Yoko (My Alternate Personality)

John Gale Maxwell Carnahan IV You know me Jennifer Lynn Caranhan John Maxwell Carnahan III Born 1960 Had two kids with
James Waneka AKA my half siblings, Mauri and James AKA my half siblings Mauri and James She got divorced and then started school to be a nurse In the middle of her schooling she got married to Any way, she had a perfect, handsome, genius, and all around wonderful kid(me) and had to quit nursing school to take care of the angel child She got married to Then when I got old enough she went back to school to be a teacher because I reinspired her love for kids because i was so perfect Now she teaches at Sherwood elementary Born 1949 Born 1949 He went to school for 12 years to become a lawyer Was one of two boys, the other is my Uncle Frank Born in Alton, IL but moved to Springfield as a child After he went to school he started a law practice with my grandfather Bill Evans, Brad Cantwell, and Mr. Brown were the next three to join the practice Add that with sugar, spice, and everything nice you get Carnahan, Evens, Cantwell, and Brown, Attourneys and Law My dad escaped the draft for Vietnam by going to college Gale Able Born early 20the century He got married to Nancy Hopkins and had the other two of my half-siblings Molly and Sarah Gale Able My grandfather on My Mom's side Married to Lynn Carnahan never gonna give you up, never
gonna say good bye, never gonna
tell--I LOST THE GAME! John M. Carnahan Jr. John M. Carnahan Sr. John Gale Maxwell Carnahan IV Cont. Added once I was told I had to do a segment about myself I was born Friday the 13th, 1997 My childhod And so on... No more Johns... He Continues to work At CECB
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