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Canada and its political system

No description

Niklas Sannowitz

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Canada and its political system

Canada and its political system
constitutional issues
(legislative branch)
independence from UK since 1982
as a result, the constitution has been decided for whole Canada

bicameral parliament (next federal election 2015)

divided in
Green Party
chairwoman is Elizabeth May
Liberal Party
chairman is Justin Trudeau
composition of 105 members of the provinces

political mission of the citizens of every Canadian province

elected by citizens of every electoral district (taking focus of each province on its own)
governmental type:
parliamentary democracy
constitutional monarchy
general information
government body
head of state:
Queen Elisabeth II. (UK)

governor general = representative of monarchy:
David Johnston

head of government:
prime minister Stephen Joseph Harper

departments (e.g. Finance, Foreign Affairs, Aboriginal affairs, National Defense, Public Safety, Immigration)
national holiday (Canada Day)
1st July 1867

House of Commons
composition of 308 members

political mission of law

elected by citizens of every electoral district
judicial branch
different court levels
highest: supreme court

independent, law controlling institution

handles civil and criminal cases
Conservative Party
chairman is Stephen Harper
New Democrats
chairman is Thomas Mulcair
Bloc Québécois
chairman is Daniel Paillé
every Canadian man or woman who is 18 is allowed to use the right to vote

Charter of Rights and Freedoms

since 1940 every woman is allowed to vote

relative majority suffrage
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