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Guiding Accelerated Teacher Effectiveness

No description

Brian Schum

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of Guiding Accelerated Teacher Effectiveness

Guiding Accelerated Teacher Effectiveness

Part 1: Beginning the Journey
Part 2: Building a Team
Part 3: Taking it to the Masses
Part 4: Putting it Into Practice
Part 5: Conclusion
for the Implementation of the Common Core State Standards

Race to the Top
Teacher Evaluation System
Common Core State Standards
Deliberate Practice through Differentiated Professional Development
New Teachers
Professional Learning Communities
Common Core State Standards
Art and Science of Teaching Framework

Guiding Accelerated Teacher Effectiveness
The most promising strategy for helping students to achieve at the highest levels is to develop the capacity for educators to function in a Professional Learning Community.
Require school-wide effort
Have a “pervasive and ongoing impact” on the school culture
Require the participants to act on their new learning
Getting Ready
Self Evaluation
Google Form
Deliberate Practice Elements
Organize Groups by:
Similar focus (self-selected)
Past practice
Provide Resources
Plan meeting days and times
Identify strategies for implementation
Provide release time to plan units of study
Focus on deliberate practice elements
Observe mentors/mentees
Watch recorded lessons
Collaborate with mentors to develop new CCSS aligned lessons
Try new instruction strategies and
Observe each other and provide feedback
Used teachers/mentors observation data
Analyzed teachers' self-reported feedback
Reflected on mentees' and mentors' feedback
Evaluated student outcome using FCAT and other summative assessments

Positive feedback
97% of teachers want PD to continue in this format
86% of teacher believed that their learning had a positive impact on student learning
This year
Working to create a seamless connection between CCSS and Marzano Framework
Develop CCSS units that identify strategies addressing content
Document learning through blogs, wikis, and video
Reflect on changes in practice using peer-to-peer observations
Art and Science of Teaching
Differentiated PD
Cross-curricular PLC
Design question focus was not the same

Task Oriented:
Develop a cross curricular unit incorporating Marzano strategies and Common Core standards.

Mentor Criteria
Excellent subject mastery
Pedagogical content knowledge
Strong communication and interpersonal skills
Rated as effective or highly effective according to the teacher evaluation system
Agrees to meet regularly with his/her mentee and participate in monthly GATE meetings
Reflection from lesson study and filming
I talked too much

Student responses lacked sophistication

Students did not have equal voice
Differentiated PD in Action
LSI Case Study: Reflecting on teaching
Understanding the Common Core Standards
LSI Common Core Multi-dimensional learning goals and scales:Making the connection
DOE Common Core Summer Institutes:Gathering resources
Year-long PD of the Marzano framework
Two-year NTC training through Palm Beach County
Everyone is a learner!
GATE events
reflecting on teaching
examining student work
sharing experiences
Brian Schum
Middle School Social Studies
Gina Hufty
Elementary SAI
Dr. Tammy Bresnahan
Professional Development
& Research Coordinator
Case Study #2: Brian
Mentor Training
GATE as a PLC:
Mentor & Mentee forums
GATE Colloquium

8 Characteristics of Quality Professional Learning
Focuses on academic content
Develops pedagogical knowledge and skills
Aligns with standards, curriculum, and assessments
Involves active learning by participants
Applied in the context of teacher practice
Participatory and collaborative
Occurs over a sustained period of time
Requires teachers to direct their personal professional development
I just want quality professional learning!
Case Study #1: Gina
GATE: A Year in Review
Three factors lead to
better performance &
personal satisfaction:
What are some of the most important qualities needed to be an effective mentor?

Learning together is a great equalizer.
Guiding Accelerated Teacher Effectiveness for the Implementation of the CCSS

Session 43E

Tammy Bresnahan tbresnah@fau.edu
Gina Hufty gbove@fau.edu
Brian Schum bschum@fau.edu @schumz

TodaysMeet todaysmeet.com/GATE-NTC

Drop Box

What obstacles do you foresee in
supporting all of your teachers with Common Core?
What is one word that you would use to describe a worthwhile professional learning experience?
How would you plan and organize differentiated professional development in your school or district?
Daniel Pink- "Drive: The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us"
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