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American Indians


Corbin Franklin

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of American Indians

American Indians
SOL USI.3a-c
How did they get here?

Today, the Bering Strait separates Asia from North America.
When the Ice Age ended, the water level rose and the land bridge was covered.

During the Ice Age, the ocean dropped and the floor of the Bering Strait became dry land.
The land bridge called Beringia was formed.
The First Americans were unable to return to Asia. They migrated throughout the North and South American continents.
Igloos Keep People Locked Inside
Alaska & the Arctic

Pacific Northwest
The Kwakiutl were known for their elaborate masks that were carved from the cedar bark.

Kwakiutl Indians

Great Plains
rolling grasslands
The Kwakiutl built totem poles out of cedar logs.

The painted carvings showed the history or heritage of the family.

Every family had a relationship with a spirit which as represented in the form of an animal.

The Kwakiutl also built their homes, called "plank houses" out of cedar planks decorated with natural paint.

What is "natural paint"?
How did they make it?
The Lakota used every part of the buffalo. They didn't waste anything!
The Lakota built
tipis/teepees/tepees that could be easily
taken down and put back up, because they were nomads, meaning they did not have a permanent home.
Why were the Lakota always moving?
Southwest U.S.
desert area
The Pueblo were farmers of corn,
squash, and beans.

They also made pottery of mud and decorated it with natural paint.
The Pueblo lived in houses called adobes. They were constructed of bricks made by mixing mud, straw, and water.
Eastern Woodlands
The Iroquois used sticks and bark to
build their homes, called longhouses.
The Iroquois were hunters,
fisherman, gatherers, and farmers.
They taught the English how to farm corn, beans, and squash. The "three sisters." Why are they called the three sisters?
The Iroquois made dugout canoes by cutting down a tree and hollowing out the log by burning and scraping the inside.
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