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Documentary tips for the city

A walk through some of the practical consideration involved in documentary concept design.

Chris Smith

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Documentary tips for the city

documentary What is it? "The creative interpretation
of actuality." John Grierson The myth of
documentary tradition How to make one? 2 questions: a) What is the story?
b) Why do you want to tell it? Making choices Research Intuition Arbitrary Point of View Tools animation
voice over
cinema verité
found footage
quotes, poetry
vox pops
recreations any other business PoV distant present location shooting
handheld camera work
natural lighting
following the action
filmmaker's visible presence
interviews with witnesses
editing placing audience in scene
amature aesthetics voice over narration
archive material & stills
expert testimony
material shaped into argument
material structured into narrative
professional production aesthetics Location Resources My top tips Only make a documentary if you have to Be prepared to invest a lot of time
and patience into it if you want
it to be good Treat the subject with
integrity and sincerity time money equipment expertise motivation "It is never the case that setting is not important.
There are NO stories that could be told in any place. Rober McKee
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