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What is Arsenic?

What arsenic is useful for, where is it found and description of arsenic

Caroline Connelly

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of What is Arsenic?

Arsenic Arsenic is... An element
found in soil
and minerals
in pure form. It is used to preserve wood.
to arsenic can
cause many health problems. Elements arsenic chemical name: AS arsphenamine common name: symbol: odorless and tasteless Arsenic Arsenic is used in lazers poisonous/toxic known since ancient times semi-metal element small amounts can support plant growth Who put the arsenic in ms.bliss's chowder END By: Caroline Connelly Murderers A German scientist, Albertus Magnus discovered Arsenic in 1250. Boiling point: 886k Melting point:1090k Density: 5.72 atomic number:33 atomic mass:74.9216 a metallic gray color... Abundance in Earth's crust:0.00021% Origin: middle-English, Greek, Latin
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