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2.07 Energy Conversions

No description

Savannah Meier

on 19 October 2016

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Transcript of 2.07 Energy Conversions

Based on what you know about the different types of energy and energy conversions, for this assessment you will find some examples that you observe around your house or when you are out and about.

These examples will involve energy conversions from one form to another.
You will give at least five examples.
These examples will have two parts. You will not only list the example, but also explain what types of energy you begin with and what type of energy it is converted to.

The next example is light energy to chemical energy. The light energy comes from the sun which converts to a crops growing and those crops are chemical energy.
3rd Example
Another example of energy conversion is electrical to thermal energy because when you plug in your stove and turn it on the stove becomes hot. But when you put a pan of noodles or chicken to boil the chicken, noodles and the water all becomes thermal energy.
Image by Tom Mooring
2nd Example
2.07 Energy Conversions

Chemical Energy!
1st Example
First example of energy conversion is when someone is eating food which is CHEMICAL ENERGY then is converted to MECHANICAL ENERGY when the person is moving around and having energy to do stuff.
By: Savannah Meier
Light Energy!
4th Example
The second to last example of energy conversion is outlet which is electrical energy to a speaker which is sound energy. So when you plug the speaker into the outlet all of the electrical energy from the outlet is converted into sound from the speaker.
5th Example
For my last example I did electrical energy from the toaster is convert into thermal energy which toasts the bread in the toaster.
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