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How Women Have Contributed o The Canadian Identity

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Emily Morton

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of How Women Have Contributed o The Canadian Identity

How Women Have Contributed To The Canadian Identity
How have Women Contributed To Canada's Development?
What Was Women In Canada's Experience Like?
Before women desired the right to vote, work etc. they would stay home and care for children. They were a disgrace if they spoke of politics on a daily basis,.When they started protesting for more rights, politicians tried their best to conceal their efforts. However, they could not be beat. They worked day in day out until they finally got the vote and equal rights.
What Kind of Discrimination Did Women Face? How Did They Overcome It?
Women were seen as wives and mothers, not as Politicians or Doctors. Non supporters were completely close minded to the idea of a women in power. Some doubters' reasoning for women not getting the vote was because they were 'Simply Impotent' and not able to make proper decisions. How Did they overcome discrimination? You may ask. Simple, they did not take no for an answer.
Has The Canadian Government Done Anything To Rectify Any Of The "Wrong Doing" That Your Group Received?
The Government Of Canada named the month of October, Women's History Month to celebrate their accomplishments and good deeds for Canada.. Women's history Month has been celebrated since 1992.
Life would be far different today if it was not for Women who fought for rights and to be treated equal. I'm going to tell you about how Women have helped to shape the Canadian identity.
Since the very first year in Canada women have been there raising the next generation while men went to work and hunted for food. Later in Canadian history, women wanted to work and vote. Most of all they wanted to be equal. Women eventually got the vote and equal rights and with that they did great things. Some were politicians, doctors and lawyers. Others continued to raise children. The important part is that they had a choice. They refused to give up when others tried to suppress them and if they had, where would we be now?
How Do Maps, Pictures, Diaries, Songs, Paintings, etc. Give You Clues About Women's Experience In Canada?
I chose to focus on one newspaper article written by Nellie Mcclung. It was published on January 2, 1930. In the title alone, It expresses pride to be a women and a sense of triumph to have succeeded in such an unimaginable task. She expresses her happiness and gratitude to every protestor along the way for making her journey even more challenging. She expressed her expectations for the next generation of women.
What Was The Reaction Of Existing Canadians To Your Group's Arrival In Canada?
When Women were sent from Europe to live in Canada and raise the next generation, Men were appreciative for the companionship the Women provided. Of course, that was before Women desired rights. When they finally started protesting, Government tried to suppress them and make sure they were not heard.
In What Ways Have Women Contributed To Canada And The Canadian Identity? How Has Canada Changed As A Result Of Women?
Canada is known as a free country where everyone is equal. If women had not fought for their rights we would have a far different name. How does this sound? Canada, the country where women are treated as dirt and men receive all glory. Women fought for the right to vote, work and speak of politics freely, and much more. Could you imagine a world where men are superior and women are to stay home and care for children all day?
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Thanks For Watching!
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