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Why was there a Red Scare in the USA?

Lesson 2 Unit 3C Edexcel History A GCSE

Laurie Johnston

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Why was there a Red Scare in the USA?

All must: Learn about the HUAC/FBI/Alger Hiss (C Grade)
Most will: Consider the purposes of sources (B-A*)
Why did a Red Scare grip the USA?
Firstly we will read pg12 and 13:
Naheeda, Tina, Shanon, Safiya ,Tia, Catarina, Barbara, Jessica, Chenelle, Maria, Felece, Waad, Laura, Katheryn, Shery, Chloe, Rachelle, Shanara.
Let us analyse Source C using the pro-forma
Progress Check 1
C Grade
What were the two government agencies that investigated the Red Scare?
Why were the Hollywood Ten sent to prison?
What was Alger Hiss accused of?
What was the reaction of ordinary people?
What can you learn from 'You read books eh?' about attitudes to communism in the USA? (6 marks)
Progress check two
B-A* Grade
What do we need to

consider in terms of purpose?
politics of the author
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