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Creative Writing Introduction.

An introduction to Creative Writing (Eng211) at NDSCS.

Sybil Priebe

on 16 November 2015

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Transcript of Creative Writing Introduction.

Introduction to
Creative Writing

It is your responsibility to access the class on another computer in the event of hardware or software problems.

Write that down.
Memorize it.
Using it as an excuse as to why your work is late
won't fly.
Online students must maintain computer access at all times to the online course. Lack of computer access as an excuse for late work or missed exam/quiz will NOT be accepted.

I'm pretty sure this is a repeat of that last slide.
The instructor will...
*Respond to email within 24 hours on class days.
*Give feedback as much as possible, especially when it’s requested.
*Assess small assignments, projects, etc. in a timely manner—usually within two weeks of the due dates!
*Send out a weekly email to keep the lines of communication open.
*Assign creative topics and prompts.
*Be your cheerleader when you get writer’s block.
Students will:
—- be required to turn in a substantial amount of written work every week. On time!
—- engage in the exercises and read the assigned works of others.
—- exchange ideas with other students in the course via workshops, etc.
—- revise and edit their work A LOT.
Assignments submitted late will not earn full credit. One minute late is still late. No points will be assigned for incomplete assignments.

Be prepared to spend at least four (4) or more hours per week for an online class, studying, and completing assignments.
A's are reserved for those students who have excellent class participation, excellent effort, and excellent final projects. Anyone who wants to earn an A in the course should certainly plan on contributing to every discussion, turning in all assignments on time (including critiques of classmates' workshop drafts), and writing legitimate second drafts, not just semi-polished revisions for the final piece.
As in any other course, plagiarism is the unpardonable sin and will be punished by an F in the course; do the right thing and this will be an awesome course for all of us.
We will examine the creative process. We will experiment with a variety of creative exercises. We will examine the formal, technical elements of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, alternative style, and multimodal genres. We will read, analyze, and critique a variety of literary examples, including your own. We/you will compose stories, po-ems, dramatic scenes, and a portfolio.
Ready to be creative?
I hope so.
But before that, we need to cover
some serious items.
Okay, we're almost to the serious stuff.
This is a wordle.
this is another
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