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Adam Revo

Relaunching of Pakistan's Manufactured Car....

Imran Amin

on 14 February 2016

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Transcript of Adam Revo

Adam Motor Co., an assembler of Chinese SUVs and pickup trucks in Pakistan introduced an indigenous automobile Called the Revo. It is a 3576 mm long hatchback, powered by either a 800 cc or a 1051 cc petrol engine, sourced from Wuling in China. Otherwise the car is built from local parts.
The Revo was envisaged to be between 10% and 15% cheaper than its foreign competitors, mainly the Mehran 800, which dominates Pakistan's automobile industry.
The Revo cost with compressed Natural Gas(CNG) kit price Rs.269,000.
Adam Revo Car
Adam Revo was a city car made by the now defunct Adam Motor Company of Pakistan.
It was the first car to be designed & assembled in Pakistan.
Production of this model stopped by September2006 due various reasons
Swot Analysis
Uncertainty in Political issues
The only Pakistani car manufacturers.
Lake of advance technology as compare to its competitors
Quality cars at low prices
Pest Analysis
Analysis of the country shows that the government of Nawaz Sharif is focusing more peace and stability with TTP and this would bring a certain degree of improved law and order situation in Pakistan. The drone strikes in the tribal areas of Pakistan are also a factor, which destabilizes the country, but the government of Pakistan needs to stand up to Uncle Sam and demand an end to such acts.
Analysis shows that Mr. Nawaz Sharif as always has been taking steps to improve the economy of the country and is providing subsidy to the business sectors to grow the economy and this is a positive sign for the project
Social and cultural trend shows that Pakistani society is rapidly growing and maturing with demands of better lifestyle and products to satisfy their needs and wants.
Technology is a drawback for the country and the further we move in the millennia, the rapid changes and improvements in the technology worldwide but Pakistan lacks far behind.

Omar Farooq (17773)
Asad Iqbal (18025)
Muhammad Danish (19882)
Fasih-Ur-Rehman (19820)
Hafiz Muhammad Imran Amin (17920)

Market Plan
Adam Revo was not meant to fail but certain flawed decisions left the product in shambles.
Design By : Hafiz M Imran Amin
Revo 80: 797 cc straight-4 OHC petrol with carburetor
Revo 105: 1051 cc straight-4 OHC petrol with EFI
Front: Strut with Coil spring
Rear: Leaf spring with Shock absorber
Front: Disc with booster
Rear: Drum
Causes Of Failure
There are some main causes of failure of this project:
Road grip of tyres
Speed-o-Meter like GTO
Lower Quality of interior plastic
Improper Mudguards
Improper financial and marketing plans
Marketing Plan for Relaunch
Provide Cheap cars to the masses
Growth of annual sales
Ensure Quality of the products
No customers complaints
Availability of spare parts in the market
Strong promotions
Modification in car’s interior and design
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