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No description

brandon monson

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Night

Setting Throughout
The setting begins in Sighet, Transylvania then goes to Auschwitz a Concentration Camp, they stay there for many years until they reach Buchenwald were he stayed for the rest of the time. It doesn't tell where he moves after the book. Sighet his his home where he was born. Then they moved by train to Auschwitz. They then ran to the last camp, Buchenwald.
Main Character

Eliezer Wiesel was born 1928 in Sighet, Transylvania, as a child he was a student of the jewish books then became author. Right now he is a professor in the University of Boston. He's won many awards including the Nobel peace prize. He's one of the few holocaust survivors. His wife, Marion Wiesel also helped him translate his books. His biggest regret was probably how the holocaust effected him and came to change him. His says this when he says how he felt guilty when his father was being beat and asked for him and yet he didn't come to his aid. This person had a very sad and horrible grief stricken life. Elie is extremely important to society because by writing this book we have learned of the past and can help to prevent it happening again. This is by far is largest accomplishment. His father Shlomo Wiesel is also a main character but you don't really learn anything about him.

Major conflicts
Elie Vs. Self
An autobiography written by: Elie Wiesel
By:Brandon Monson
Elie Vs. Survival
Elie Vs. The Fascists
I chose to do Elie vs. Self because throughout the book he continues to have to find the strength to keep going and make the right choices. Also especially at the end he literally has to fight himself to not fall asleep because sleeping becomes death.
I chose to do Elie vs. Fascists because during the entire book they are trying eliminate the jews by sending them to concentration camps and the crematorium. Elie and his father survive through pure luck for a long amount of time. They persecute them and almost succeed in killing him but the resistance finally liberates them.
I chose to do Elie Vs. Survival because he is constantly battling death and never full never warm and never safe. He also has a father that he must care for and keep alive because he is aging and cannot fully care for himself.
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