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Geely Stakeholders

The best prezzi in the world!!!

Torsten Kolind

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Geely Stakeholders

Stakeholders of Geely
RMB 30 million yuan for the “School-Oriented Venture Capital”
RMB 1.18 million yuan for the Paralympics (community)
RMB 3.5 million yuan to Jingning Vocational High School (public)
CVVT-JL4G18 engine adjusts the angle of the valve --> 1.8L to 1.5L
Stakeholders of Geely
Stakeholder Friendly Firm
Distributors and retailers
Community and Government

Strong Knowledge & Infrastructure Information
High Quality HRM
Talent Development
Set up a complete set of career development channels
. Each staff may select his own direction of professional development based on their interests.
An internal talent cultivation system
Training mechanism
Aims to provide more opportunities to employees to realize their values and objectives
Staff Caring Program
Employee benefits
Employee health
Employee activities
A Simple Organizational Structure
Employees are the first and foremost fortune of the company
Employees are what Geely likes to call the "Fundamental Driving Force"
All staff can live and work happily
"For Geely, vitality is constituted by every staff’s heart, and to break their hearts is to hurt the vitality of the enterprise." - Geely
Comprehensive training
On-the-job training
Rotation training
Internal promotion
Exchange training abroad
Employees know responsibilities
Intelligent Management of Assets
Corporate Culture Deve
Stakeholders' Future Interests
Non-Market Stakeholders
Future Project
Poverty Alleviation and Salvation
Symphony by Geely Creates a Sensation in Germany
Encouraging Energy Efficiency in Automobile Industry
Enhancing customer satisfaction
Applying key thinking to customer service activities
Caring for customers
Creating innovative ways to serve
Stakeholders' Needs...
Did you know!?
Because steel expands when it gets hot, the Eiffel Tower is
six inches taller in the summer than it is in the winter!
Chewing gum while peeling
onions will stop you from crying!
Meet Terrafugia
the first flying car!
Bought Volvo
Research where products will sell the most
We need a break!
Willing to spend money on technology and well-maintained buildings and equipment
Have knowledge readily available to anyone
A Focus on Critical Measure
Responsible Guardianship
Focusing on & Benefiting
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