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22.1 Ocean Currents

No description

Katelynn Dorn

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of 22.1 Ocean Currents

22.1 Ocean Currents
Surface Currents
wind provides kinetic energy
global wind patterns
1a. trade winds
- blow wind from northeast and southeast
1b. westerlies
- both wind from northwest, southwest
2. Coriolis effect
- earth's rotation and winds cause gyres- huge circles of moving water
3. shores of continents
deflect and divide waves
Currents in North Atlantic & Pacific
two westward equatorial currents, one weaker countercurrent
North Atlantic Equatorial
current powers the warm Gulf Stream
Labrador Current + Gulf Stream = fog
decreases speed and splits- North Atlantic drift
Sargasso Sea- calm, warm spinning water
shows similar pattern
Currents in the Southern Hemisphere
counterclockwise gyres
constant westward winds--> West Wind Drift
circles Antarctica and flows across all 3 oceans
Indian Ocean
southern- counterclockwise gyre
northern- monsoons
Deep Currents
some polar water is so saline because of extremely cold temperatures
Antarctic Bottom Water
coldest, densest water, 35% salinity
sinks and moves northward
North Atlantic Deep Water
off of Greenland
moves in direction opposite surface currents
Turbidity Currents
strong current caused by underwater landslide
forms current beneath less dense, clear water
cause of?
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