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Culture and Communication styles in France

No description

Nohemi Cornejo

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Culture and Communication styles in France

Culture and Communication styles in France
Culture and
Communication styles
To French the way you behave is very important to them.
French take it seriously.
They won't ignore what you do or what you say.
In Fact a significant part of communication in France is non-verbal.

People from other country's think that the French are rude
People may think french are rude because they like to interrupt during a discussion, they also like to tease others
they are also very sarcastic.
But actually they are only rude when you are rude.
They want you to respect their values.
In most western countries, handshakes are a common form of greeting.
But in France, people greet each other by kissing on the cheeks(ones on each cheek)
unless its someone they are just meeting.
also when entering a store you always have to say "bonjour"
For Example: You arrive at the airport in a hurry, so you barge through the line and run down the hall.
That would be a bad thing to do. French people would immediately decided what kind of person you are.
They think that if you speak poor French that its better to speak to them in English.
They do want you to try to speak their language because they think its rude to speak to them directly in English.
So there is a sentence you might want to learn.
"Bonjour, parlez-vous anglais?"
Means "Hello, do you speak English?"
Love to their language
In France, French have a great love and respect for elegance in the use of their language.
they have a sense of national pride so it makes it difficult to listen to the language being spoken badly.
They take long lunches, arrive late at appointments, leave work early, work less than everyone else and still complain that they work to much.
French people also have a reputation of taking their time.
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