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Everything Everything Book Project

No description

Jlorta slide

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of Everything Everything Book Project

Main Idea
The main idea of the book is that Madeline Whitter has Severe Combined Immunodeficiency or as she calls it "Bubble Baby Disease." Severe Combined Immunodeficiency is a rare disease that causes you to be allergic to almost everything. Since she's allergic to almost everything she hasn't left her house for 17 years. A new family moves into the house next to Madeline's. She develops a crush on Olly, her new neighbor. The only problem is that she is basically allergic to love.
Everything Everything
The setting of this book is in Los Angeles mostly in Madeline's house. There is the white room, where Madeline keeps all of her books. There is also, a room in her house where Olly and Madeline meet. The room is lined with Windows and filled with fake plastic plants, so Madeline can feel like she is outside. Madeline's room, is facing towards Olly's, so they communicate through the window.
Madeline doesn't spend time being sorry for herself. She knows that even though her disease has some limitations, she shouldn't let that stop her from achieving her goals and being hopeful. Madeline also has a great relationship with her mom because she is truly honest with her mom.
Olly is imperfect and witty. He knows what he wants in life and enjoys exploring it as well. Olly is empathetic with Madeline. He really wants the best for her and doesn't want to hurt her or his family.
The problem in the book Everything Everything is that Madeline falls in love with her neighbor, Olly. In most cases this would be okay, neighbors falling in love with each other, but this love story is a little bit different. Madeline has Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, causing her to not leave her house for her 17 years of life. For most of her life she has been content and coped with her disease. For the first time in her life Madeline wants more than she has. Madeline wants to love, but she is practically allergic to love.
It is Madeline's eighteenth birthday and everything is normal. The next day a moving truck drives up to the house next door. A tall boy wearing all black climbs out of the car behind, and instantly Madeline falls in love. Madeline starts out by staring at Olly through her window and her nurse Carla seems to notice. After intensely chatting online with Olly, Madeline begs to meet him. Carla agrees and Madeline finally gets to meet the boy of her dreams, without her mom knowing. For the first time Madeline is unsatisfied with her hidden life.
Everything Everything
Book project by Jordan, book by Nicola Yoon.
Madeline becomes unhappy with her hidden life. She is jealous of Olly and his normal life. Her relationship with her mom gets worse because she doesn't tell her mom that she has met Olly, causing her to lie about other things as well. Madeline falls deeper in love with Olly and wants their relationship to go farther. Olly is more impatient with his family and father, who is always getting mad at him and his mom. Olly is more honest with Madeline about his feelings for her and his family problems.
Character Changes
Author's Message
The climax of the story is when Madeline runs outside when Olly's father is being mean to him. Olly and Madeline decide to run away together to Hawaii. A few days later, Madeline wakes up and feels like there is a fire in her chest, but the rest of her body is frozen. Olly wakes up soon after and realizes that something is wrong. Olly takes Madeline to the hospital to get treated for.
The resolution is that Madeline ends up being okay, but the doctor made a discovery. Madeline finds out that she has never had Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, her mother just lied to her after her brother and father died, so she wouldn't be alone. Madeline's love life tumbles out of control after she visits the hospital. Olly ends up moving far away from Madeline to New York. Madeline buys a plane ticket and flies to New York. Madeline meets Olly in an old book store and they forgive each other.
The Author's message is that even if you have Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, or any other disability, you should still go after your dreams. She shows this by using Madeline, although she has a deadly disease she still discovers that she can fall in love.
I personally adored this book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a book that you can not put down and feel like you are in the book. This book also has pictures of letters, texts, forms, and Madeline's charts.
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