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We never know how high we are -Emily Dickinson

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jalen t.

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of We never know how high we are -Emily Dickinson

There isn't any sarcasm or humor but there is a calm, inspiring tone to the poem.
This poem will be about self-confidence and self-esteem. It will be about how we don't recognize our true potential.

We never know our personal limits until we are pushed to reach them.
Have a plan and stick to it, then your legacy will become great.
The heroes we tell stories of would not be so uncommon.
Our own fear of power holds us back and hinders how much we achieve.

The poem is about knowing what you are capable of.
This is a small poem so there aren't any major shifts, but the last line seems to be a bit darker than the rest. This is the only line that uses negative words like "fear" instead of warm/inspiring words.
The theme of the poem is about realizing our self worth and acknowledging how great we can truly be.
The End
-Jalen Tarpley period 7
We never know how high we are -Emily Dickinson
"How high we are", makes us think of the sky and produces thoughts of power and importance.
"For fear to be a king". It makes us think of evil kings and presents power as a bad thing we don't want to become.
The title reflects how hard it is to achieve our personal best. We don't achieve our best because we probably don't believe we can actually do it. This is why most people don't realize their true power.
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