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Dominion Election Act - 1900

No description

Vinny Neang

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Dominion Election Act - 1900

1900 Dominion Elections Act Description - This act allowed those that can vote in
provincial elections to be able to vote
in federal elections.

- This act denied minorities to vote.

- Over half of Canada were minorities.

- Aboriginal peoples and 'Asiatic'
peoples specifically had no
democratic rights. Key Figures - The bill was passed by Robert Borden, the
8th Prime Minister of Canada.

- Nellie McClung (women's activist in Manitoba) helped to have the bill passed in order for
women to vote. Outcome of Struggle - The Dominion Election Act has been repealed
and amended, although it was a slow process.

- Equality of democratic rights for all minorities took almost 50 years to change.

- The right to vote for certain groups of ethnicity and gender has finally been allowed. Struggles of Key Figures Bibliography/Resources http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominion_Elections_Act



http://www.histori.ca/voices/page.do?pageID=311 - The minorities that were affected by this act
were not allowed to vote.

- They faced racism and oppression by the Canadian government.

- The democratic rights were stripped away from the minorities.

- There was no equality for those that were Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Aboriginals. Thanks for watching!
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