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Homeless Bird

No description

Caroline S.

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Homeless Bird

Homeless Bird
By:Caroline Schlabach

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Hari is a very sick child, and he marries Koly in the beggining of the book. Koly is a thirteen year old widow. She is homeless, but she finds a home later in the story. Koly's Mom wants to find Koly a husband at the begging of the book. Koly's Dad is a shop owner. He also wants to find Koly a husband. Chandra is Hari's sister. Koly and Chandra become really good friends. Raji is a rickshaw driver. He takes Koly to a widow's home when she gets dropped off at Vrindavan. Sass is Hari's mom. She is very mean to Koly when she moves in with them. Sassur is Hari's dad. He is very nice to Koly. He dies in the middle of the book.
Charecter Pictures
Major Settings
Hari's House is where Koly spent her time cleaning and doing chores. At first, Hari, Koly, Sass, Sassur, and Chandra lived there, but eventually only Sass and Koly lived there.
The River is where Koly and Raji went. This was a place where they could get away from the city. It's where Raji proposed to Koly. Mr. Das's place is where Koly worked. She embroidered all of the sarees here. She got payed for working, and she loved her job. Koly's House is where Koly lived for the first 13 years of her life. She lived with her mom, dad, and brothers. Maa Kamala's Place was the widow's home where Koly lived while in Vrindavan.
Setting Pictures
The first major problem is Hari dieing. Hari dies because he was very sick. This leaves Koly by herself with the rest of Hari's family. Koly learns to become friends with Chandra and obeys Sass. Another problem is Koly not getting her widow's pension. Sass is taking Koly's widow's pension, and she is saving it for Chandra's dowry when she gets married. Koly tries to solve this by going to the local government office, but they say it's up to Sass to how they use the money. The last problem is Koly being left in Vrindavan alone. This problem is solved by Raji taking Sass to the Maa Kamala's home.
Koly's Mom
Koly's Dad
Hari's House
The River
Mr. Das's Place
Koly's House
Maa Kamala's Place

The theme of this story was to never give up. Koly never gave up. She had a hard life. Nothing went good for her. First, she wasn't sure about her husband, or her husband's family. Then, her husband dies. After her husband dies, Sass is very rude to her. She has to obey Sass, so Sass won't be even ruder to her. Chandra and Koly become very good friends, but then Chandra gets married and moves away. Sassur begins to teach Koly to read, but Sassur gets really stressed out over his job and stops eating. Sassur dies soon after. After only Sass and Chandra are the only two left in the house, Sass tricks Koly into going to Vrindavan where she leaves her. Koly is homeless and has no where to go. She moves to Maa Kamalas and gets a job. At her job she meets a friend. Her friend persuades her into doing bad things. Then, she can't marry Raji when she wants because of her job.
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