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JOH 2013 Student Life Presentation

Presentation by Heather Larsen, Eva Gach, Victoria Cangiano, and Brett Feldman

Heather-Marie Larsen

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of JOH 2013 Student Life Presentation

By: Brett Feldman, Eva Gach,
Victoria Cangiano, and Heather Larsen Snapshots of Student Life Freshman Year Questions? Sophomore Year FYSOP! My side Eva's! Matriculation Comm. Ave is shut down Community service Parents Weekend TM Program Siblings Breast Cancer Walk Relay for Life Exploring the city! west Campus-Sleeper Hall Roomie <3 Sleeper 12 takes over T-Anthony's! Hockey: the sport I never knew I loved ED 100 Freshman year was awesome, but Eva and I are ready to take on Sophomore year! (Everything the light touches is mine to explore...) Dear Mom and Dad.... I can't believe I've already been here for a semester... Freshman year so far has been amazing! Hey fam! I know it feels like I've been away for a while... But really it's only been 3 semesters, 48 credits, 12 months, and 3 visits home! I can't believe it's already second semester of Sophomore year... Sophomore year has been great... But I can't wait to "march" into Junior year! BU Central: It's free! Hey sis... welcome to my home for junior year! 9 months... ...2 semesters... ...34 credits... ...and a LOT of home games to go. Hey Dad! ...1 semester... ...and 16 credits... ...6 months... #1 #3 #2 ...until graduation! Food, glorious food! I can't believe it's only...
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