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Using Second Life as a tool for Education

We are in the process of creating a virtual classroom to allow students to be taught online from wherever they wish.

Oisin Keely

on 6 October 2011

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Transcript of Using Second Life as a tool for Education

What is Second Life? • An online virtual world
• Interact using customisable avatars
• More than 20 million users What do we want to use SL for? Teaching students using a virtual classroom All the capababilties of an actual classroom
Available anywhere with internet
Fully customisable
Realistic and engaging A simple classroom in English city An international IELTS class in a lecture hall Making a presentation: 1. Export the presentation as JPGs and upload each slide individually 2. Using Google Docs or something similar to display the powerpoint 3. Using a program like prezi to stream the presentation What can I not do in Second Life that I can do in an actual classroom? Nothing so far Teaching on SL can be as simple or complex as desired And an entire city devoted to teaching English How much does English City cost? The unlimited ‘City Plan’ tasters for students, consist of:
1 lesson
2 events (social activity based tasks)
1 month’s access to English City.

Schools can distribute to past, present and future students for 1 year.
30% commission on any subsequent upgrades to a subscription or course.
Packages include a branded and functioning online ‘office’
Costs approximately £2,500 or US$4,000 The monthly plans for students, consists of:
Between 8 and unlimited classes per month
cost US$40-US$100 per month

Discounts for buying in bulk 14 day trial for US$14:
One class, and free access to English City. Take a class, go to events, meet other students — and find out how much you can learn in English City! Private tutouring US$200:
Five one-to-one classes for use in 60 days. Experienced teachers five personalised classes — you choose the topic and the time. A virtual ICBC Utilising websites or streaming videos Youtube videos Moodle Anything you can find on the internet Using notecards for in-class exercises Nothing so far! What teaching tools are available? What has it cost so far? US$100 Building, Land ownership Membership fees Flags & logo: $0.12 Furniture and equipment: $0.00 Built entirely from freely aquired building and textures Buying our 512m plot cost approximately $1.50 (Everything else has been created or acquired for free) Furniture,Equipment, etc. . What does SL look like? So in total, we've spent < US$25 The flags and the logo cost US$0.12 What do we propose? 1. Unlimited English City Plan

2. Start our own classes Second Life (SL)
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