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Mike Hartill

on 12 October 2018

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Transcript of NewDirections_UofB_16.4.18

Dozens of coaches have been involved in improper relationships with underage swimmers, prompting USA Swimming to launch a new safe sport program that includes mandatory training and enhanced criminal background checks ... (Fox News)
Sheldon Kennedy says the sexual predator who molested him doesn't deserve any second opportunities to coach young hockey players.

But the co-ordinator of the Majahonda Hockey Club who hired Graham James as coach in September, disagrees.

"I know who this guy is - I freaked out when I heard he was available."

"I believe that people can change and should be given a second chance. I told parents to trust me because I'm trusting James."
“USA Swimming’s leaders have repeatedly demonstrated that they are utterly incapable of taking affirmative action until pressured to do so by the media and/or victim advocates. … in the sexual molestation of minor swimmers ... a blind eye is perpetually turned.”
(Currin’s attorney, Robert Allard)
"To be honest, I was not surprised people knew about it and did nothing. But when I learned for sure there was actual knowledge, it makes me want to throw up."
Kelly Currin (Sept.2012)
Rick Curl
"He cast a spell over me. He controlled everything. He controlled what I ate, when I slept, who I could hang out with."
Kelly Davies Currin

The Fifth Estate, CBC TV 1993
Oct. 2001
Ice Hockey: Sheldon Kennedy & Martin Kruze
Convicted 1997
Gordon Stuckless 2013
Graham James 2013
Convicted 1997 & 2013
Convicted 2013
Convicted 2012
South Africa 2012
Karate coach sexually assaulted 11 students -

Peter Foyn
Bob Hewitt
“He destroyed me as a person. I’ve been trying for the last 30 years to get my life back.”
1996 Survey of national athletes:
over 1 in 5 athletes had sex with a person who was in a position of authority over them in sport
3 years supervision order
Martin Kruze
The Observer, 2002
"a culture exists within US Swimming hierarchy that protects predator coaches"
Graham Spanier
Tim Curley
Athletic Director
Gary Schultz
The scandal’s overall cost to the school has reached at least $237 million.

The university has settled with 33 people over allegations they were sexually abused by Sandusky, and has made total payments to them of $93 million.
30- to 60-year sentence on a 45-count conviction for sexual abuse of 10 boys
Fernando Torres Baena
Gloria Viseras
Katherine Starr
Child sexual abuse in sport:
Historical context
November 2016
"Every Parent's Nightmare"
BBC TV documentary
"Secrets of the Coach"
"Let's stop pretending it doesn't exist - because it does"
(Ray Wyre, 1993)
"With 90 per cent of the ASA's 300,000 members under 16, swimming has long been considered a
prime target for paedophiles.
"the menace that may lurk at the poolside and in the changing rooms"
"Sports bodies face allegations that hundreds of young athletes have been subjected to bullying, verbal assaults and sexual abuse by coaches who were meant to groom them for stardom."
The Guardian, 28th Oct. 2001.
"Karate club paedophile is caged for life"

News of the World - 2001
"Youngsters in Britain face a growing danger of being sexually abused by their sports coaches"
The Observer, 2002
"Top football clubs hit by child abuse allegations
70 banned over 'threat to children fears "
The Guardian, 2005
"During 2000, eight sports received 179 complaints of mistreatment by coaches.
The Guardian, 2001
Wider problem
"The poolside perverts must be stopped."
George Gibney
Derry O'Rourke - 12 Years
CSE in German sport: first case in 1995

Karel Fajfr, an internationally acclaimed figure skating coach

found guilty of 11 cases of sexual abuse.
A parents’ initiative campaigned publicly in support of Fajfr, pointing out that he had guided many athletes to success.
Sweden 2011
"Former high jump world record holder Patrik Sjoberg has shocked Swedish athletics by revealing that his coach and stepfather Viljo Nousiainen sexually abused him as a young boy."
"The truth was that many of the gymnasts were not just sport machines, but sexual slaves to their trainer (Olga Korbut, 1999).
Munich 1972
Global Issue
Spain 2012
Spain 1991
England 1992
Ireland 1992
Denmark 1995
France 1995
Germany 1995
Netherlands 1996
Scotland 1996
Czech Republic 2006
Slovenia 2007
Sweden 2010
Greece 2013

1st known case in
public domain
Celia Brackenridge
September 1995
January 1996
‘When the sprint for fair play turned into an obstacle race: prejudice against women in sport’
John Cunningham, The Guardian, 1985
Sports Council 1985 youth campaign material:
'I'm still chasing the girls, but now I catch them'
'Women's influence in the school sports system has wrecked it.
They went for music and movement. Women are basically anti-competition and achievement in school sports'
'Women shy away from taking responsibility. It's nothing to [do] with the system: it's to do with their make-up ...
But there are a few outstanding women.
Peter Lawson
, general secretary
Central Council for Physical Recreation (CCPR):
The ‘Hickson Case’ was a defining moment …

Sexual abuse in sport was not on the national sports research or policy agenda in Britain until after this point …

… efforts to alert the major sport bodies to the issues fell on selectively deaf ears.
Celia Brackenridge

5th June 1998:
To be perfectly blunt, I am exasperated by this “official” response to my approaches since I believe that British sport is overlooking a whole set of positive opportunities.
31st October 1998:
‘I had a tough but fair 25 minute one-to-one with Tony Banks this week … he seemed open to ideas about building in child protection to all sport organizations and
linking this to grant aid
Frank Furedi
(The Independent, 22nd August, 1999):
The idea that abuse is rife in sport appears to be based on little more than the assumption that when adults and children occupy the same space, abuse is the inevitable outcome. …
Child-protection crusaders are rarely put off by the absence of facts.
'Child Protection Crusaders'
11th May 1997:
‘You may wish to ask your officials … why roughly £1m is spent by the Sports Council each year on running a Doping Control Unit when there is no co-ordinated provision for preventing sexual exploitation of young athletes?’
Letter to Tony Banks MP
Prevalence of Sexual Violence in Sport
Belgium & Netherlands
"Hickson's a one-off"
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