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extreme programming

extreme programming and it's implications in project management

Horia Radu

on 7 March 2011

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Transcript of extreme programming

Extreme programming a new aproach to software development
originally, software development was chaotic
=> engineering methodologies which were unpopular and bureaucratic
the reaction: agile methods & extreme programming less document-oriented and more code-oriented Predictive:
"Agile methods, however, welcome change. They try to be processes that adapt and thrive on change, even to the point of changing themselves." People-oriented:
"the role of a process is to support the development team in their work." software design ~50% of the work on a project
coding ~15%
=> dedicate time to design, but keep in mind that construction (coding) is cheap; many design flaws are uncovered during coding Requirements are unpredictable changing requirements doesn't imply poor requirements engineering
software is soft (changeable) Predictable? some software processes are predictable, but some are not!
don't try to use a predictable model if predictability isn't possible
handlw unpredictability through iterations Iterative development length of an iteration?
go through every phase in each iteration Put people first! to have an adaptive process, you need a strong team; a good programmer will want to work in an agile environment
people != components
have a good team and trust they know how to do their job. motivate them and they will be responsible! Self-adaptive process Allways ask:
* What did we do well?
* What have we learned?
* What can we do better?
* What puzzles us?
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