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Elements of Drama: Monsters are Due on Maple Street

No description

Tanya Koeppen

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Elements of Drama: Monsters are Due on Maple Street

Elements of Drama:

Monsters are Due on Maple Street
by Rod Serling

Describe the setting, characters, and the type of play
"Monsters Are Due On Maple Street"
Vocabulary Words to know:
Transfixed: very still, as if nailed to the spot
Reading a play is very different from reading a short story or novel! In a play, there are no long descriptions of setting or characters. Instead, the entire action of the play is told through dialogue and stage directions. The dialogue reveals what the characters are like and what the plot is. The stage directions help you, as a reader, see the setting in your mind as well as what the characters look like and how they act!
Get ready to take some notes!
What might this be about?
She is
on her phone.
intelligible: understandable
The professor said nothing
because everyone was clueless.
assent: agreement
The teachers knowledge caused all the girls to come to an
to put in a state of agitated confusion
The bully
all the kids!
idiosyncrasy: peculiarity
is that I always clap my hands three times .
menace: danger
That boy is a
to all 7th graders!
Converging: to get close to
All the kids were
around Jose to hear him.
explicit: definite, clear
He was not
because I didn't know what he wanted.
variation: differences
All the cupcakes have some
on the decorations.
Plot Complications:
Complications in stories make it hard for characters to get what they want.

in a story
when the character tries to resolve the problem.
Narrator Figure one
Figure two Steve Brand
Mrs. Brand Don Martin
Charlie Charlie's wife
Tommy Sally (Tommy's mom)
Les Goodman Mrs. Goodman
Woman next door Woman one
man one man two
Pete Van Horn
Act one
1. What do you believe causing all the chaos?

2. What future events could Tommy's words foreshadow?

3. How did everyone react to Les Goodman's car starting? What do they infer about the car's behavior?

4. Who's the scapegoat?

5. Are the neighbors a crowd or a mob?
Brain Pop Time!
Fill in the answers!
Teleplay: a play written or adapted for broadcast on television
sluggishly: to move with a lack of energy
I ran
because I was tired.
scapegoat: a person made to carry the blame for others
We always blame my sister for everything; she is our
The Globe Theater
Open your literature books to page 59.
Vocabulary application
As we read our teleplay....
As we read....
October 30, 2013
Black Day
Bell ringer

What's wrong with these sentences?
I cooked her the hotdog.
According to this sentence what did "I" cook? How can we fix it?
The lady left her cat with a pink dress.
According to this sentence who has the pink dress? How can we fix it?
October 31, 2013
Red Day
Fix these misplaced modifiers.
1. The man was stopped for speeding in the blue shirt.

2. Every four hours the doctor told him to take a pill.
Get ready for a special treat!
But before we get started let's take a look at what we will be doing as a project.
Let's now continue our illustrated plot diagram!
You will need to change page numbers!
Remember to change page numbers!
defiant: full of defiance
Asa tends to be
when he's tired.

Friday, November 1st
Black Day
Why are the following sentences incorrect? Please fix them in your journal. This is entry #6

1. I got 50 pieces of candy scarcely.
2. That boy ran with his dog in the blue jacket.
3. The car hit the street sign with the flat tire.
4. I bought the apple pie in the grocery store that looked like it was baked well.
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