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Biome of Okinawa Japan

No description

Steve Marquez

on 7 July 2014

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Transcript of Biome of Okinawa Japan

Touring the Biome of Okinawa Japan
By Steve Marquez
Okinawa is located 300 miles south of the Mainland of Japan
It is composed of 877 islands made of limestone and coral
Surrounding Okinawa is a large amount of reefs and home to the second largest reef in the world
Okinawa is a subtropical island
Temperatures range from 56 degrees in the winter to 87 degrees in the summer on average
It raines often in Okinawa and will probably rain during my visit in June
Due to Okinawa being a subtropical island they produce very delicious fruits
Sugar cane.
They also have many botanical gardens to display many of their beautiful vegetation
Many tropical island animals live on okinawa here are some to name a few
Crabs (Yashi-Gani)
Snakes (Habu)
Venomous sea creatures (Blue ring octopus)
Habu Snake
Blue Ring Octopus
The people of Okinawa were not originally Japanese
They were under the Chinese Qing Dynasty
They had their own language and were known as Ryukyu
They became under Japanese rule in 1868
Some Ecological problems Okinawa is facing
The over population of Crown of Thorns Starfish
Destroys coral reef
Red clay runoff
Destroys coral reef
Scuba diving and snorkeling
Destroys coral reef
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