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Interactions Among Living Things

Ch. 1 Section 3

Nathan Herrington

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Interactions Among Living Things

INTERACTIONS AMONG LIVING THIngS Adapting to the Environment natural selection
-the process where unique characteristics are better suited for an environment, tend to survive and produce offspring. Adaptations
behaviors and physical characteristics that allow organisms to live successfully. Niche
the role an organism plays in its habitat types of interaction Competition
the struggle between organisms to survive Predation
when one organism kills the other Predator=Killer Prey=Food Symbiosis:
A close relationship that benefits at least one of the organisms Mutualism
Benefits BOTH Commensalism
Benefits one, neither helps nor harms the other Parasitism
One harms the other for its own gain. Parasite= one that benefits Host=one getting taken advantage of PARASITES!
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