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mining communites

No description

cheryl manley

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of mining communites

mining features
where a mining community is located
mining coummunities

How negative effects can be reduced
Here are some things that you can do to reduce negative effects. You could use electric cars instead of the other cars so miners don't have to mine.
Mining communities in Canada
Drayton Valley in Alberta, Yellowknife in North West Territories and Val-Dor in quebec.

mining jobs
Miners are people who work in the mines and mine a lot of minerals and fossil fuels. Prospectors search for places under ground where there might be minerals or fossil fuels. Some people make sure that the mines are safe for miners to work in. Some people work in the mills, where they remove minerals from rocks. Blasting experts fill the holes with explosive when the mine is clear of people.
These are some bad things that could happen. A hole in the pipe could lead to an oil spill. There could be lots of factories that make smog and that cause air pollution. If people mine a lot there might be no more oil or gas so the cars won't work.
Mining communities are near places where there are minerals or fossil fuels for mining. There are mining communities in most provinces and territories in Canada.
Mining communities have natural features and built features. many mining communities are in the rocky areas of Canada's north. People build most important features of mining underground. Did you know that the deepest mine in Canada goes more then 2km under ground?
Effects of Mining
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