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Calling All Gods Project: Dionysus

Super Awesome project that tells about Dionysus

Anthony Maley

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Calling All Gods Project: Dionysus

The Greek God of Wine Calling All Gods: Dionysus Genealogy - Dionysus was a son of Zeus and his mistress Semele

- He was the youngest of the Olympian Gods

- His siblings included: Artemis, Apollo, Hermes, Athena, Dionysus was known as the party god. He was the god of vine, wine, and revelry. He loved spreading joy and peace. He threw many festivals with his mortal followers that where greatly associated with dance, music, wine, madness, and sex. The symbols of Dionysus include grapes, wine cups, wineskins, and a pine cone staff.
-The importance of the grapes is that grapes are used to make wine.
-The importance of wine cups is that they hold wine.
The Pine cone staff symbolizes the god of wine Symbols Dionysus was important for wandering the world with Stayrs, Maenads, and many other women. With him, he brought wine,fawn skin, grapes, thyruss, and a pine cone staff. Each of these symbolized him and showed people his importance.
Dionysus was also important because he brought the dead out of the underworld. He brought back Semele after he took a very long journey to find her. He was known to of fought Thanatos and brought her back to Mount Olympus. Importance to the Greeks Modern Day References Dionysus Records was started in 1984 in southern California and they wanted their company to relate to Dionysus' lifestyle In Downtown Cincinnati, there is a restaurant called "Myra's Dionysus".
They serve Greek and Mediterranean Cuisine, which is relevant because their restaurant is named after a Greek God. Every year during Marti Gras in New Orleans, there is a group called the Krewe of Bacchus, and they make a float in the parade expresses everything about Bacchus. (who is the Roman god of wine) Dionysus Myths Drunkness and madness is a common theme in the myths about Dionysus. In one story, it was said that Dionysus disguised himself as a boy. On an island near Greece, while he was getting drunk, a group of pirates stumbled upon him. Dionysus eventually convinced them to take him home to Naxos. On the voyage, he found out that the pirates tricked him and where going to sell him into slavery. To escape this fate, Dionysus scared them all away, and did this by using his powers. He crowded the boat with grape vines and wild animals. The oars turned into snakes, and grapes grew from his head. Frightened by these powers, the pirates fled and jumped off the boat. The only pirate that survived was named Acoetes. He was the only one that didn't agree with the rest of the pirates plan the sell Dionysus. He helped Dionysus sail to Naxos, and when they got there, Acoetes was made priest of the Cult. Dionysus spent a lot of time roaming the earth disguised as many different things. In one myth, Dionysus disguised himself as a young man and visited the city of Thebes. He caused the women in the city to fall under his power. The king of Thebes, Pentheus, became very angry with Dionysus when he took the women to a mountain close to the city so they could participate in his rituals. Pentheus was so mad that he imprisoned Dionysus. He wasn't there for very long, though, because he was freed when the chains magically fell off and the cell opened. Pentheus was hiding in a tree dressed as a women to watch the Dionysia. The women saw him but mistook him as a mountain lion so they tore him to shreds. The story of Dionysus' death is very interesting and unusual. Dionysus' mother, Semele, was deceived into love with Zeus and she eventually became pregnant. Hera, Zeus's wife, was very angry when she found out about Semele so she decided to get revenge. She convinced Semele to wish for Zeus to do one thing for her, and that was to reveal all his glory to her to prove that he actually was a god. Zeus did this, and with all his glory radiating, Semele was killed. Dionysus was saved because Hermes put him into his thigh. Dionysus was then born months later. To hide from Hera, Dionysus turned into a goat and was raised by nymphs. Interesting facts Dionysus was the youngest Olympian God
He gave king Midas the power to turn anything he touched into gold
He got his role as an Olympian after Hestia quit
There is a Bacchus energy drin, a Dionysus salon and spa, and a Dionysus winery. Pictures of Dionysus
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