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Standardizing your (Tutor & Mentor) Sessions w/J.Clapp

From 1st Mentor Session to sessions throughout the semester

Jared Pangier

on 22 October 2011

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Transcript of Standardizing your (Tutor & Mentor) Sessions w/J.Clapp

Standardizing Your Session Tutoring & Mentoring 1st Mentor Session 1st mentor meeting form (1st) Semester at a Glance
(SAG) Student Weekly Planning Sheet
(Weekly) Grade Log 1) Build Rapport 2) Find Student Athlete (SA) Strengths 3) Find SA Weaknesses/Areas of Improvement 4) Pick a CONVENIENT meeting time 5) Finish going through the 1st form This is a snapshot that should show all
BIG responsibilities
E.G. Tests, Essays, Projects
This can be filled out together with the Grade Log Tutors/Mentors Mentors Only Show up 5 minutes early Grab essential documents Mentally prepare Go through SAG (next 2 weeks) Use syllabi to check small assign. Create weekly to-do Create positive environ. Grade Log update Weekly general schedule Fill out T/M form throughout Deadlines? Time management? Help S.A. Review your sesh. "Have a good day!" Next sesh? Put essential docs back Enter T/M form in database Reflect on session Print form.
Sara or Courtney's Door? Calendar Categories
(Suggested) Classes
Class Assignments
(divide by class)
Reading Breakdown
Fun (After Mentor Session 1) Session Road Map The (optional)
Google Calendar Weekly Google Calendar Example Agenda Example Monthly Calendar Example Make Use of their phones
In a Positive Way 1) Make a copy for the students binder and put the original in the student's file 1) Used to keep an estimate of the student's grade 2) Should be kept up to date 2) Help to keep the student organized
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