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What is the Impact of Fairtrade?


Claire Spearman

on 28 September 2009

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Transcript of What is the Impact of Fairtrade?

What is the Impact of Fairtrade? The Fairtrade Foundation defines Fairtrade as a tool for
development that ensures disadvantaged farmers and
workers in developing countries get a better deal
through the use of the international FAIRTRADE mark. Globally, consumers worldwide spent £1.6 billion on Fairtrade products in 2007. This is a 47% increase on the privious year, directly benefiting 7 million people - farmers, workers and their families in 58 developing countries.

We know that Fairtrade means better wages, better conditions and better prospects for workers - but what are the actual impacts of Fairtrade and what does this mean for the future? Case Study - Banana Production in Dominica, Winward Islands. Dominica is a former British colony.
The banana industry was started in the 1950s to replace sugar production.
Dominica's main export is bananas, which accounts for 50% of their trade.
The UK had preferential access to this trade. This was, however, until the introduction of the EU banana regime which meant that the UK had to fulfil the EUs obligation to recieve bananas and other trade from Latin American countries and African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.
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