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Difference and Diversity 1

No description

Rhys Vance

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Difference and Diversity 1

Difference and Diversity
BIG QUESTION: What is discrimination and how can it be overcome?

You Decide!
For each grouping you must select one and justify your choice.
Vocabulary list
Find the definition for the following terms:
• Discrimination
• Harassment
• Vilification
• Prejudice
• Diversity

Think about a time when you have been Discriminated against?

In one paragraph, explain your feelings / thoughts / actions at the time.
• On what basis are people harassed and discriminated against?
Diagram Time
Create a diagram / list of how:

• A PERSON may be affected by harassment

• OTHERS in the COMMUNITY may be affected by harassment

• The PERPETRATOR may be affected by harassment
Category 1
Category 2
Category 3
Category 4
What did you pick??
Is this a form of discrimination?
Why is this ok?
• Do you think particular groups are harassed more than others? Why? Why not?
• Are any of these worse than others? Why? Why not?
• What forms does the harassment take?
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