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Nolan's Trip Around The Wourld

No description

Nolan Orff

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Nolan's Trip Around The Wourld

Nolan's Trip Around The World
I am in Portland ME waiting for my Flight.
San Salvador De Jujuy Argentina, South America
I am In San Salvador De Jujuy geting food
This is San Salvador De Jujuy. Some facts are the population of Argentina is 42,610,981! The majority is Roman Catholic.
Stop One

San Salvador De Jujuy, Argentina
This is where I am going
This is where I am starting

This is the country flag and anthem
Facts of San
Salvador De Jujuy
They wear mostly European and North American Fashion. They play football (we call it soccer), tennis and horse back riding for recreation. Some native animals are Pilot whales, Guanacos, which is similar to a llama, and also jaguars. Did you know it rains 20" in the East and 40" in the West?
Stop two

South Pole Antarctica
This is the South Pole. The population is zero! Orcas, Weddell Seals, Rock Hopper Penguins, Black Browed Albatross, Blue Whales and Ross Seals are some native animals.
Stop three
Harare, Zimbabwe
This is Harare, Zimbabwe; the population is 13,182,908. Half of the population is Syncretic, which means that half is Christian and the other half is indigonous beliefs. http://0.tqn.com/d/goafrica/1/0/2/F/200215162-001.jpg
Stop two
South Pole, Antarctica
Stop four
Boston, United Kingdom
This is Boston. The population in the United Kingdom is 63,935,574. The majority of the population is Christian.
In Harare, Tasman House Gecko, Reed Frog and Elephant
are some native animals. The people there wear western style clothing.
In Boston,
The native animals are beaver, red deer, dormouse, fox and otter. Men usually wear suit and tie, women wear jacket, shirt and pants and kids wear jeans and T-shirts.
Stop five
Qualeh>ye Now Afghanistan
This is Qaleh>ye Now. The population of Afghanistan is 31,108,077. Most of it is Sunni Muslim.
Qualeh>ye Now
They participate in buzkashi and horseback riding and pehlwani which is wrestling. Some native animals are Large Billed Reed Warbler, Snow Leopard, Wolves and Brown Bear
Stop five
Arawa Papua New Guinea
This is Arawa. The population of Papua New Guinea is 6,431,902. The majority of them have indigenous beliefs.
River Sharks, Snails, Frogs and Dolphins are native animals. Men wear shorts or pants. A shirt is optional and women wear traditional attire.
Stop seven
Florida, Cuba
This is Florida, Cuba. The population is 11,061,886. The majority is Roman Catholic.
Cuban Kite (bird) Cuban Tree Frog and Cuban Boa are native animals there. Their wardrobe is dresses and lightweight slacks and shorts on beaches but not in public places.
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