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No description

David Spiegelman

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Pirates

Pirates: Thieves on the Ocean
Why I chose this book:

love history
the book had information about many different kinds of pirates, not just the ones we think of from Pirates of the Caribbean movies
many good non-fiction text aids made the book easy to follow
Three things I already knew about the topic:
1. pirates were thieves on the ocean

2. they were quite violent

3. pirates exist in today's world
1. some pirates were actually women
2. pirate ships were built for speed
3. Japanese pirates often attacked the coast of China. Eventually this led China to invade Japan.
What is this book about?
This book is about the story of pirates. You will learn about the many different kids of pirates, their daily lives, and the kinds of weapons and boats they used.
The illustrations really gave you an idea of what pirates and their ships and weapons looked like.

The information in each chapter was often vague and not very detailed, kind of like the books in the Eyewitness series.
How is the book organized?
tale of contents listing chapters
illustrations, maps, and cutaways
headings and sub-headings
list of famous and not so famous pirates
Did I like the book?
I did enjoy the book for the following reasons:

easy to understand
excellent graphics and non-fiction text aids
well organized
5. countries would sometimes hire pirates to attack other countries vessels and take their goods. These type of pirates were called privateers"
4. the Vikings were pirates who invaded England and stole from monks
Strengths and Weaknesses of the Book
Who would Enjoy this Book?
people who enjoy history
interesting historical characters
learning about the fascinating life of pirates

lead-in: In this passage the author is describing the shipbuilding talents of the Chinese.

" The Chinese were some of the greatest shipbuilders in the world. They were the first to design ships with several masts and large underwater rudders. They also invented the compass. Chinese fleets of wooden sailing ships, called junks, explored the Indian Ocean in the 1400s. The Chinese were skillful traders--and pirates." pg. 32

: a pirate flag

: a winding machine used to raise or lower an anchor

: to take a ship and its cargo

: to leave some alone on an island, as a punishment

; a system of ropes used to raise and lower sails on a ship
Five Facts about Pirates
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