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Theme vs. Main Idea

No description

Angelica Guerrero

on 30 January 2018

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Transcript of Theme vs. Main Idea

Theme vs. Main Idea
The THEME is the lesson/moral of the story that can be applied to everyday life.
The MAIN IDEA is what the story is "mainly about"
Main Idea
What is the theme?
What is the main idea?
Let's watch "The Tortoise and the Hare"
- Hard work pays off
- Never give up
- Slowly but surely.
Common Themes in this story
Theme vs. Main Idea
The THEME does not mention specific events in literary works.
The MAIN IDEA does mention specific events.
Main Idea of the story
A rabbit challenged a turtle to a race; the turtle won because he kept going and did not give up
Main Idea are both in:
Literary Works:
-Science Fiction
- Mystery
- Folktales
- Fairy tales
- Memoirs
- Autobiographies
- Science Books
- How - to guides
- Instructions
- News articles
Watch this clip
What is the theme?
What is the main idea?
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