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Geography of the 13 colonies

No description

Lily Djeb

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Geography of the 13 colonies

13 COLONIES New England Colonies Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island cold winters, mild summers
flat land near coastline, mountainous land inland
soil was rocky and not fit for farming
relied on the ocean as their main resource
fished for food (codfish)
ship building was a big part of the economy
The Middle Colonies New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware Mid Atlantic region of the Unites States
Flat plains along the coast and rolling hills inland
soil and land were rich and excellent for farming
known as the"bread basket country" for their oats, wheat and rye
agriculture was the main part of the economy besides textiles and logging The Southern Colonies Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia hot climate: warm winters, hot summers
coastal plains on the east side and hills westward
have the best soil for farming
extremely long growing season
because of the sunshine year round there was a very long growing season.
main crops were: rice, indigo, sugarcane and cotton
these crops were grown on large plantations managed by slaves
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