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BX3082--CASE 8---TB

Case8: Kirin Brewery Co: In search of a growth strategy


on 12 October 2013

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Transcript of BX3082--CASE 8---TB

managers may not possess the skills, experience or willingness to lead their staff through this merger
lack of leadership skills

Start training (managing change seminar), managers mentor program run by external consultants

Link performance indicators to successfsul change management

Stay or Go mentality - play hardball
eventually departments will be blended or altered in the merging process, potential for cultural clashes and dilution.
existing culture may be lost
culture survery of both corporations (SWOT analysis)

establish a vision for the new combined culture (synergy)

communication of the new culture: processes, words and actions, traditions

recruitment process - THE RIGHT PEOPLE

Training H.R team
the Exec team need to establish a new vision and mission

they need to develop a merger communication strategy

the focus is on clear, effective communication

align th e new organisation with the new vision (tools such as visual representations on the intranet)
what will our vision
and mission be?
the vision should include a focus on the triple
bottom line - we aim to improve the
quality of our employee's lives - this will be a measure
of success of this merger, not just the cost cuts acheived!
restructuring through the merger process - results in new systems, new teams, new policies and procedures
predict that job desigsn will change
executives and managers need to "work as politicias" and sell these changes to staff

team building initatives to facilitate relationships

training to be provded for the new systems and policies , to place everyone "on the same page" to avoid confusion

objectives of training and communication process
there is expcted to be redundancies in overlapping departments, as well as employees choosing to leave because of the merger
loss of key talent
develop cross-training programs

review the work performance apprasail systems in indentifying key talent

spend time developing a loyalty culture so that important staff are encouraged and supported to stay with the organisation

providing key talent with solid career choices within the company
work hard play hard
high acheivers
friday arvo staff drinks
client nights
little micro-management
open flow of communication
flexible hours
open communication
on-going job training
loss of key talent
predict that job design will change
existing culture may be lost
“One interesting note on cultural change is that it often
seems to come about only when an organization feels that its very survival is threatened. A merger or acquisition provides a fine opportunity for change!”

David Zatz, Ph.D., Toolpack Consulting Senior Consultant
lack of leadership skills
what will our vision and mission be?
changing team dynamics
this can be caused by many factors including: staff restructuring and changing roles and responsibilties - different
attitudes (within teams) towards the merger - power plays and alliances being formed due to fear and mistrust of new processes, creating fear about redundancies
changing team dynamics
when new teams are created use Belbin Team Roles as a model

offering onsite counselling for staff to help them cope with change

hold a team building system for management so they are properly equipped to help staff handle any changes

develop new and exciting team identities to help draw them closer, as well as new goals and objectives.

leaders must also so show they are embracing the change
the culture of the company may be resistant to change
during the merger there may be employee's that resist the change. this can create problems if the employee holds a position of power as there is a threat that they could spread negative word of mouth about the merge, as well as become a scare-monger.
the culture of the company
may be resistant to change
leaders need to show that they are embracing change - lead by example

link KPI's to how well execs are facilitating change

make a clear stance from the beginning of what each company expects of their employee's. Make it clear that they can either embrace the change and stay with the company or resist and leave.

hold both a formal and informal conference to emphsaise the great potential that the merger will bring

communicate the new vision and mission to each staff member so they can enjoy a sense of purpose during the change
BX3082: International Marketing
Case study presentation
Case 8. Kirin Brewery Co.: In Search of A Growth Strategy
Kirin Brewery Co.: In Search of A Growth Strategy1
Dr. Wang
Date: 29th Aug, 2012
WANG JUNTING(12618933)
MA XIAOMENG(12619296)
(cc) photo by medhead on Flickr
Have Kirin’s responses to
these trends been appropriate?
Why not?
Domestic market
International market
In order to counter the trends
Introduce new products
Change target market
In 2002, introduced Kirin Green Label
(with 70% less carbohydrates than normal beer)

In 2008, introduced Kirin Zero
(with no sugar and low calories)
emphasize on good health
emphasize on younger people & Female
Younger people
Concentrate in
urban areas

Less rely on cars
as a form of transportation
In 2004, only
females had a driving license(males-
These segments are relatively untapped
New products
Distinctive packaging
westernized brand names
Younger image
From domestic point of view
New products
emphasize the health benefits of drinking

improve the perception of alcohol (by introducing new products include ingredients used in beauty products)

encourage women to think of alcoholic beverages more as supplemental- like nutrition drinks
younger market
female market
Both of market segments (yong adult & female)
---less affected by drunk driving concerens
Mergers and Alliances

Alliance with Mercian Corp in 2007
By doing so---Kirin benefits by strengthening its ready-to-drink beverage category and improving collection of brands in other categories.

Licensing with major global alcohol companies (Budweiser, Heineken, O B Korea)
Both segments prefer
Sweeter tastes(eg: fruity)
Non-traditional flavors and ingredients(eg:coenzyme Q10)
In 2007, released Sparkling Hop
(a fruity aroma of fresh hops)
While continue developing and introducing new product domestically, expand international market is another way of responses
From international point of view
Direct investment
Licensing agreement
Partnerships (joint venture)
Wholly owned subsidiary

-China (wholly owned subsidiary, acquisition)
-North American (licensing agreement)
-Russia (licensing agreement)
-Brazil (wholly owned subsidiary)
-New Zealand (acquisition)
-Australia (acquisition)
Main entry strategies adopted by Kirin
Major markets were entered by Kirin
What did Kirin do in the global market?
So, from our persepectives:

Although Kirin did quite well in expanding the international market, it could be better in its domestic market of Japan, particularly towards the increasing aging population.

Leverage more on Japan activity
-middle aged &older man
-younger people & female

Expand more potential international markets
Moreover, in order to improve the performance of the company under through the depression of the beer market

To discuss how Kirin through market segmentation and expansion as to counter the depression of the beer market
ZHANG SHISI (12606715)
International stratergies
How to counter the trends domestically
trens which affecting the market
Current population rents
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
Corporate Overview
Beer Market
Corporate Overview

. Company background

Product & Service

Strong brand image

Target market
(Source: The Yomiuri Shimbun, 2011)
(Source: Beer business, 2012)
Japanese Beer Industry
Knowing the trend of market and industry
is not enough, we also need to konw:
In population and its market segmentation
So, passing to Q1
Current trends among Japan's population
Declining Birth Rate and Aging population

Increasing health-conscious and government effort

Highly-publicized and criticized on drunk driving
Kirin Slogan
– “Good taste makes you smile”
Any further questions?
Thank you for your cooperation!!!
Declining Birth Rate and Aging Population in Japan
Increasing health-consious and government effort
High-publicized and criticized on drunk driving
Strong brand image
In 2008,
The Japanese government implemented a new mandatory medical check-up for everyone over age of 40.
Accidents and deaths involving drunk drivers were given wide coverage in both the print and on television after the accident:
Fans that attended the concerts of popular pop singers and parked in facilities for the concert hall were required to undergo a breath-test before being allowed to drive.
Displays of the new Beaujolais were accompanied by large signs warning about drunk driving and underage drinking.
Checkpoints were set up around entertainment districts nabbing dozens of drunk drivers.
In 2006, a major campaign against drunk driving began after an SUV carrying a couple and three young children was rear-ended in Fukuoka by a 22-year-old drunk driver and pushed off a bridge. The couple survived but the three children were killed.
All pictures regarding industry and product were sourced from Google.
Asahi Holds Onto Lead Over Kirin in Japan. (2012).BEER BUSINESS. Retrieved August 21, 2012, from http://www.eng.pivnoe-delo.info/2012/01/17/asahi-holds-onto-lead-over-kirin-in-japan/
Beer makers set sights on Oceania : Business : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily Yomiuri). (2011). The Yomiuri Shimbun. Retrieved August 21, 2012, from http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/dy/business/T110718003977
Corporate Overview(2012) Corporate Profile | Kirin Holdings. Retrieved August 21, 2012, from http://www.kirinholdings.co.jp/english/company/index.html
Jeffrey Hays (2009) Automobile Accidents in Japan: Serious Accidents, Drunk Drivers, Elderly Drivers and Car Accident Scams. Retrieved August 19, 2012, from http://factsanddetails.com/japan.php?itemid=850&catid=23&subcatid=153#04
Population information Retrieved August 19, 2012, from http://www.stat.go.jp/english/data/handbook/c02cont.htm#cha2_2
Aging Population in Japan
Younger generation
which means

the increasing health concerns among elderly people and
the decreasing consumption of beer since the implementation of government mandatory medical check-up as well as the penalty
Well, in sum up:
The beer market is facing a depression in this segment.
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