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Teen Pregnancy

How hard is it being a teen parent?


on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Teen Pregnancy

Finally My brother has a two year old daughter named Sophia. She is happy, healthy, and very intelligent. Did I mention that he is 21 years old? He and his girlfriend went through some of the same things that were discussed earlier. Being pointed at and put down. He was well-known, so rumors spread easily. His girlfriend and himself both graduated from high school and are currently juniors in college with 4.0 averages. Not all teen parents are what you think. They don't all fit into those stereotypes. Teenage Pregnancy Have you ever been pointed at and stared at for a mistake you made in the past? Teen parents go through this all the time and hardly get cut any slack. The problem is that a lot of people don't understand how to react to it, so most react in a way that is negative. How the Community Responds We always hear people talking behind their backs. Making up stories, judging them, and making them feel insecure. (Prejudice Against Teen Moms? Think Again 1) Every one in three teens make the decision of having a child. No matter how responsible the teens are or how responsible they have been in the past, they are still pointed out inside the community. Even though teen pregnancy is becoming more common these days, no one really understands what they are going through or how to react. (Sylvia M 1) How are they Judged? So many young parents believe that no matter what they do, they can never escape the humiliation. (Tired of Being Judged 1) "It may have been peer pressure. It could have been poor judgment. The pregnancy could have resulted from abuse or even neglect. Yet many of these teens simply made a mistake and they will pay for it through discrimination at school, home, and throughout their lives." Yes, becoming pregnant is a big change in a person's life, but no one should be pointed out because of it. Could you imagine being stared at and talked about just by going to school? They are stared at, made fun of, pointed at, and even picked on by classmates and sometimes the administration. (Sandy Baker) In the story of a teenage mother being treated badly at school, Jessica Swims stated, "Sometimes I just start to cry." ( N. Renaldo) Facing the Stereotypes More Subjects About Teen Parenting *Getting Jobs
-having trouble
-less desirable employee
-shamed for having a child
-drop in self-esteem
-doesn't define who you are
-no age cut-off
-speculated and gossiped about *Judging
*Making them feel insecure
*Making up rumors about them How Would You Feel? A lot of people think that teen pregnancy comes along with many other bad decisions such as drug use, abuse of the child, and becoming a high school drop out. The majority of the community also assumes that the parents will put the child up for adoption. What people don't know is that not all of these choices occur with every single teen parent. (Stereotypes of Teen Moms 1) They are faced with the stigma that because they are a teen parent, they are a bad parent. Some people don't accept that a young parent can be a good and responsible one. (Tired of Being Judged 1) "Adolescents rarely put their child up for adoption. More than 90% of adolescents who give birth choose to raise the infant themselves. Nationwide, 8% of infants born to unmarried adolescents aged 17 or younger are placed for adoption." (The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology 9) Most teen pregnancies happen around 18 or 19, already past high school age. This shows that not all teenage parents are dropouts. Another stereotype of teen mothers is that they are all going to end up single. Being single is not the case of all teen parent relationships. Actually, a lot of teens still continue their relationship and if not, they most likely will still contribute to the child. (Stereotypes of Teen Moms 1) A High school student named Gabriella, decided to test her fellow students by putting on a fake, padded belly to see how she would be treated. She quickly faced rumors and judgments about her in the hallways. Gabriella said that many of the students were saying that she was "that type of girl". Six months later, she showed everyone that it was a fake bump and they instantly felt guilty. Teen Parents are unfairly judged. They are "pittied, judged, and asked insensitive questions" according to author, Michelle Horton. Since people assume that teen pregnancy comes along with other bad decisions, it leads to them being categorized as irresponsible. (Horton 1) A high school student named Gabriella, decided to test her fellow classmates by putting on a fake, padded belly to see how she would be treated. She quickly faced rumors and judgments being made about her. Gabriella said that some students were even saying that she was "that type of girl". Six months later, she told everyone that she was used a fake bump and they felt guilty inside. How would you feel if you were judged every day for a mistake you made in the past? Think about what the other person may be going through. Olivia Zamudio Teenage parents are unfairly discriminated against and shamed for having a child at a young age. Teenage mom feeling discouraged and thinking about what could happen next. Pregnant teen surrounded by words such as "regret" and "humiliation". Stereotype of teen mothers and parents. Pregnant teenager thinking about how she is being treated and what might happen in the future. Teen holding a sign that says "rejected". Conclusion
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